ACLU-NH Cuts Staff, Lets Website Domain Expire - Granite Grok

ACLU-NH Cuts Staff, Lets Website Domain Expire


According to their Twitter account, the ACLU-NH recently let go of two staff members, Palana Belken, Trans Justice Organizer, and Steven Kidder, Field Organizer. This morning, I went to the ACLU-NH website to see what other staffing changes they had made, when I discovered that their website domain had expired.

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The ACLU-NH Facebook and Twitter accounts are still active and posted as recently as yesterday. The ACLU-NH phone number is still working and the voicemail system picks up. I’ll assume their website problems are temporary and will be fixed soon, but it does point to problems in the organization.

Internet service providers remind a website owner frequently when a domain is due to be renewed, many months in advance. If the ACLU-NH had an IT or digital manager doing his or her job, they would not have even come close to losing their domain.

Have the ACLU-NH cut so many staff members that they can’t maintain the normal functioning of their office?

President Trump was likely the best fundraiser for ACLU-NH because of all the fear drummed up by the “Resistance.” With Trump expected to leave office, and the ACLU-NH abandoning their work to defend civil liberties and instead supporting extremist causes like Black Lives Matter and forcing women to share their spaces and sports with men, have they lost so many donors that they had to make drastic cuts?

Did the ACLU-NH blow all their money on the elections and have nothing left to pay their staff?

The post-Trump era could be tough for the ACLU-NH and the other organizations that abandoned their missions to be part of the Resistance. They should have been more careful about what they wished for.