ACLU-NH Trans Justice Organizer Burns Books to Celebrate Candidate's Birthday - Granite Grok

ACLU-NH Trans Justice Organizer Burns Books to Celebrate Candidate’s Birthday

Palana Belken Book Burning

The ACLU-NH Trans Justice Organizer Palana Belken followed through on his threat to burn his Harry Potter books to get even with JK Rowling for standing up for women’s rights against those, like Palana, that claim men can be women and enjoy all the same rights as women.

Palana tweeted a video of the book burning with the hash tag #EmmettSoldatils32Party. My interpretation was that the book burning was part of a celebration of Executive Council candidate Emmett Soldati’s 32nd birthday. Emmett Soldati is a fellow believer that men that claim to be women should have access to women’s spaces and sports. Palana quickly deleted that tweet and followed it with a tweet showing the burning of “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”.

The day after my article about Palana threatening to throw JK Rowling out of a public protest and burn her books was published, the ACLU-NH tweeted their support for Palana and they referred people to Palana’s Twitter account. Now, all 0f ACLU-NH’s Twitter followers can be inspired to burn their own Harry Potter books.

Interestingly, the ACLU still has a page about the censorship of books on their national website which refers to their fight against censorship of Harry Potter books. How long before that passage disappears because of JK Rowling’s intransigence on the topic of women’s rights?

And finally, the ACLU-NH tweeted their support for the belief that men can be women and women can be men. They finished with “PERIOD” in all caps to show their passion and virtue with a touch of tyranny and an implied threat that they will take anyone who stands against these beliefs to court.