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How Quaint – ACLU Claims to Be for Freedom of Speech … But Won’t Prove It

I recently received an email from ACLU offering me a code to purchase items at a discount from their online store. When I visited the ACLU store, I discovered an I Read Banned Books Tote listed for sale with the description, “For nearly 100 years, we have opposed censorship in all its forms.” I thought, …

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ACLU-NH’s Double Standard on Freedom of Speech

Seven years ago, the ACLU-NH lobbied for the Buffer Zone law which allows New Hampshire abortion facilities to designate up to 25 feet of the public sidewalk and street outside their facilities as no-free-speech zones.

aclu roe v wade death penalty

ACLU Fights to Keep The “Death Penalty” for Babies

Yesterday, Jeanne Hruska, Political Director for the ACLU of New Hampshire, testified in opposition to New Hampshire Bill HB625, which would restrict abortions in the third trimester, when babies are viable and can live outside the womb.


ACLU-NH Cuts Staff, Lets Website Domain Expire

According to their Twitter account, the ACLU-NH recently let go of two staff members, Palana Belken, Trans Justice Organizer, and Steven Kidder, Field Organizer. This morning, I went to the ACLU-NH website to see what other staffing changes they had made, when I discovered that their website domain had expired.

Palana Belken

Book-Burning ACLU-NH Trans Justice Organizer Axed

Yesterday, Palana Belken, the Trans Justice Organizer for ACLU-NH, sent an email announcing his departure from the organization. I suspected something was up when he tweeted in August that he was looking for work.