We Now Know Which Nashua Democrat Tried to Shut Down GraniteGrok (And Failed) - Granite Grok

We Now Know Which Nashua Democrat Tried to Shut Down GraniteGrok (And Failed)

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So our hosting company coughed up the email complaint against GraniteGrok as requested.  Much surprise as to who it was – not.

NH State Rep Jan Schmidt (and Nashua NH Alderman Ward 1 Jan Schmidt), can’t stand it.  She can’t stand that GraniteGrok has the temerity to post up her own words and her own voting record in the State House.  As Steve said, that’s TARGETING her (and the other Progressives that are receiving the same treatment of having their records, actions, and votes put up online). That’s HATE SPEECH and ABUSE and HARASSMENT (her words, not ours.  We just call it for what it is – political speech.  Free speech in the realm in which other people can decide how the rest of us HAVE to live our lives.  Whether or not WE get to make the choice (favored by GraniteGrok) or Government makes all those choices (favored by Jan Schmidt).  Which do you prefer?

But I digress (SQUIRRELS!). Most of the recap is here so I won’t bore you again (unless, of course, you like insomnia). But here is the letter that NH State Rep Jan Schmidt sent them, in the vein of “because I won’t answer HIM, so I demand this of YOU”:

Sidenote: I dryly note that she can’t even get our name right:

From: Jan Schmidt <x>
Subject: A question
Date: Mon, 2 Sep 2019 15:41:25 -0400
To: abuse@nexcess.net

A site I believe to be hosted with your company is posting pictures of my daughter without permission. What recourses do you offer to stop this abusive behavior?
Jan Schmidt
Granite grok .com

There’s no space between Granite and Grok….heh!

Once again, she’s gone with the “abuse” bit.  Like I’m surprised.  My simple rules, that most even with an IQ of <100 could understand, are here.  She refused to answer a single one.  So I said no.  After all, I don’t NEED her permission to use her grown daughter’s picture that was made public on the Internet.  Given that we were commenting on what Heather Day was saying about another, it is Fair Use of Heather Day’s depiction.  And I may add, Jan Schmidt has never shown proof that she is the owner of that picture (although being a self-proclaimed Socialist, I guess she believes she owns everything).

But here is the real kicker (and I will be adding it to my in-process Ethics Committee complaint) – she wasn’t happy.  My hosting company returned this to her:

Because the nature of the complaint potentially involved a copyright, we forwarded our copyright infringement policy (see more below) and we received this response from the complaining party:

Actually, it wasn’t me that posted the picture of Heather Day, it was another Grokster.  But that’s ok as it was within the context of reporting a political news story – Fair Use, Jan Schmidt, Fair Use. Never happy, these Socialists, when they don’t get their own way.  BTW, it meant that she’d have to go another round with me and my simple questions.  I guess she decided she could try to kill one bird with two stones (emphasis mine):

From: Jan Schmidt <x>
Subject: Re: [UZCE-6620]: A question
To: abuse-mailbox@nexcess.net
Date: Thu, 5 Sep 2019 15:24:09 -0400

This is not a copyright issue, it’s a abuse issue.

I am a local politician, and If the owner of this hate site wants to make up things about me all day – I can’t do anything. However when he brings my daughter in and continues the abuse onto her?

Well, I need your help.

Jan Schmidt

And unless some dictionary (other than your own, Jan Schmidt) starts redefining “abuse” as “someone is posting up my own words” and that simply disagreeing on things political is now being defined as “hate speech“, you’ve got nothing.  I do hope that you have contacted a lawyer and that s/he told you that you don’t have a ghost of a case. You see, every time you say something about us, we respond. Free Speech, baby.

If you are going to falsely keep calling us a hate site, falsely saying we spew hate speech, and  falsely “abuse” people, who WOULDN’T respond?

I will point out one thing – what you HAVE done is set yet another issue that could be actionable:

…make up things about me all day

I DEFY you to show, in any post on GraniteGrok, where we have lied about you.  Seriously – I really do want to find out where you are coming up with this nonsense that you keep telling people.  Or is it that you think someone else is going to believe you in your redefining our common language simply to Silence us (and Josh Moore as well?) in advancing your political agenda?

You really do hate Free Speech, don’t you?  Almost as bad as you hate us quoting your own words?