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NH State Rep Jan Schmidt – the mind logic of a Socialist? “Extortion”?


To recap:

  • Some started up a Facebook page consisting of just quoting Nashua Alderman and NH State Rep Jan Schmidt’s own words
  • NH State Rep Jan Schmidt’s daughter, Heather Day, issues what seemed to be a threat against the admin of the “Musings of Alderman Jan” simply for quoting her mother’s words
  • Grokster Kimberly posted up on this with a picture of Heather Day (common practice all over the media) and further publicized the threat.  She also noted that NH State Rep Jan Schmidt’s husband, Atlant Schmidt, wanted to dox her simply for dissenting from the Socialist / Democrat mantra
  • NH State Rep Jan Schmidt emails me with a one line message: take down the picture of her daughter
  • I replied that GraniteGrok has a standard operating procedure for this – she must follow it and answer my questions (like the URL of the post in question).  I also told her that due to her lying about us in the past, I didn’t trust her.
  • She refused to answer a single question but did attempt an “emotional play” and painted herself and her daughter as oppressed and now they are victims by those quoting their own words. As if she had done NOTHING in the past towards us at GraniteGrok.
  • I basically said, essentially, to answer the specific questions and that I was not to be manipulated.  I also said that I had accepted the apology of someone else but that she, NH State Rep Jan Schmidt, and never apologized for lying about us causing the female NH State Reps to see police protection (simply for commenting on their actions / votes)

So, I allowed her one more chance to make her case to pull down her daughter’s image. One more.  No additional conditions.  But I did send an additional email back to her as she hadn’t given a single answer to my questions:

On Sep 2, 2019, at 9:00 PM, Skip <Skip@GraniteGrok.com> wrote:

Let me further add – all of my questions must be addressed or I will not consider your request.  Answers are mandatory just like for everyone else that has made similar requests – I show no favoritism or discrimination in this matter.

Thus far, you have answered none of them.

– Skip

And a one word response:

From: “Jan Schmidt” <tesha4@gmail.com>
To: “Skip” <Skip@granitegrok.com>
Sent: 9/2/2019 9:23:09 PM
Subject: Re: Re[5]: [GrokCrew] Facebook blockage
Jan Schmidt

So she made the accusation that I was extorting her.  What kind of a mind could come with that?  All I asked for was standard procedure for us:

  • Where is the picture?
  • Under what legal conditions must I do so (NH Law)?
  • And yes, reminded her how she has treated GraniteGrok in the past.

And that’s “extortion”? Sigh…..

And that’s when this appeared and was sent to me:

I did laugh when I read it – about as opposite the true situation as possible.  She didn’t reference WHY Heather Day’s picture was used as part of a citizen journalism post (a possible threatening that was later pulled down off Facebook).  She claims we’re a hate site simply because we journal what she says and does, along with others of her Socialism Party as a normal part of Politics.

And then makes us appear as monsters with the “with compassion and kindness” schtick.   Seriously – saving her daughter pain after allegedly threatening threatening someone else?  And NH State Rep Jan Schmidt attempt to trash our reputation by lying about us?  What about our pain seeing our good reputation trashed simply because we report on what the Left says and does?

And then she LIES about us again in her own words.

Not once during that exchange did I ask for an apology.  What I DID do, as you can see in my links, is note that I did pull down a post about someone else because I believed it to truly be contrite and repentant. Something that Jan has never done.  I have asked in the past for an apology over the police protection incident but even after showing the results of our Right To Know Request, the only thing that has happened is that she has changed her story – and no apology.

No apology was asked for now.

So, is answering couple questions is now “a bunch”?  Common language would be five, six, or more. Two (see above) is not a bunch.  But she wants it to be perceived that I am putting her through an undue hardship, a “third degree” of some type.

So no, no apology has been asked for – nor received.  And two simple questions.

I’m betting that her lawyer is most likely going to turn to her and say something that I cannot repeat on this family friendly site.

Remember, Discovery will be conducted.  And I’ll then have lots of questions.