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We’re Already Living Rent Free in Jim Morgan’s Head

We caugh us a tiny little fish Original Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash 400x

Derry guy Jim Morgan who thinks he’s something-something got an idea in his head yesterday. After I said we might open a DerryGrok just ‘cuz he went and bought the domain name. He seriously did, well, that’s what he said. He bragged about how he thought he’d done something clever.


Jim Morgan - Buy Derry Grok.

One post and he buys the domain name. Damn, that was easy.

Quick question. Did you buy Derry Grok or DerryGrok?

Maybe you’d better buy them all in case the “pathetic sad news outlet…no one looks at” finds a way to squeeze in there and report on local politics or something. Not that it should concern you, after all, sad, yes?

Very sad.

That’s why you couldn’t stop yourself from buying the wrong domain name.



And lest we forget, the goal here is to make sure Republicans and Independents* in Derry know who Neil Wetherbee is. A Democrat registered as a Republican in a Republican primary.


So, Fake “republican” Neil Wetherbee is a Bernie-Bro Like Our Departed Bruce Currie
Wetherbee “Pimp” Jim Morgan – “Granite Grok is the Best You’ve Got?”
Fake Derry “republican” Neil Wetherbee’s Recent Party Registration History
Fake Derry “republican” Neil Wetherbee Endorsed Pete Buttigieg for President for 2020
Bernie Supporter Neil Wetherbee Running as a Republican in an NH House Special Election


*Not the Dems who registered Indy ‘cuz Jim Morgan said to so they could vote for a democrat registered as Republican in a Republican primary.