Wetherbee "Pimp" Jim Morgan - "Granite Grok is the Best You've Got?" - Granite Grok

Wetherbee “Pimp” Jim Morgan – “Granite Grok is the Best You’ve Got?”

Jim Morgan Grok is Best you got

Alleged Republican Jim Morgan is heavily invested in the campaign of fake republican Neil Wetherbee. (Rumor has it his partner is Neils Fiscal agent). And Jim is all over social media, criticizing the Democrat plant’s primary opponents and smearing Republicans in general.

So, when we started reporting Wetherbee’s Democrat bona fides, the locals tell me Morgan got his panties in a twist but seems to have settled on this.


Jim Morgan Grok is Best you got
Jim Morgan “GraniteGrok is the Best you got”



It may not amount to much, but I feel obligated to let Jim know what that means because, like many, he may not realize it. When it comes to online print-media readers of local news, opinion, and politics in New Hampshire, well, see for yourself.


Alexa Global Web Ranking (as of 9-20-2021)
Site Name (Sorted by US Rank) US Rank Global Rank
GraniteGrok 13,218 68,710
Liberty Block 18,720 125,245
Union leader 33,063 108,556
Fosters Daily Democrat 51,161 207,840
Concord Monitor 57,897 209,253
Lowell Sun 62,070 215,322
Lawrence Eagle-Tribune 62,438 291401
SeacoastOnline 68,711 130,920
NHPR 77,061 205,194
Manchester Ink Link 106,678 392113
Keene Sentinel 115,616 265,762
NH Business Review (NHBR) 137,767 479517
Conway/Berlin Daily Sun 153,208 569501
The Valley News 153,689 386,924
Girard at Large 168,020 511303
NH Journal no data 630373
Monadnock Ledger-Transcript no data 840651
Seacoast Current.com no data 883,164
In-depth NH no data 901,002
Nashua Telegraph no data 1,026,642
The Derry News no data 1,934,133
Free Keene no data 1,197,386
J Bartlett.org no data 1,399,964
Business NH no data 1,403,377
GraniteCrock no data 4,151,329


We do okay, and that’s what they got.


That is no guarantee that our commentary or evidence that Neil Wetherbee is a Democrat plant will influence the outcome. Statistically, the trap has been well set. The math favors Wetherbee even though his own wife – reportedly a vocal Trump and Republican basher for many years – is having a hard time getting out to vote for him if he has an (R) after his name.

Our influence is entirely up to Derry Republicans, some of whom are happier sneaking a Democrat into the House under their colors than an actual Republican. That’s a problem they need to fix.

But who knows. Regardless of the outcome, we could set up a DerryGrok on your troubled shores to provide more local news and opinion moving forward. A place to hold the local small (r) Republicans’ feet to the fire.

Just a thought not that it should concern you.