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Fake Derry “republican” Neil Wetherbee’s Recent Party Registration History

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Derry has a fake Republican running in a special election primary. This Bernie and Buttigieg supporter has registered as an (R) to disrupt the race and increase the odds of a Democrat winning the seat, even if it’s him.

Party registration doth not make you what you claim, as Norm noted yesterday. And we’ve already provided ample evidence that Neil Wetherbee is not what he claims, but that’s no reason to stop.

We have his party registration for the past few elections, going back to 2016, and guess to what party he was registered to vote?

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Neil Wetherbee registered Democrat voting history sample.
Neil Wetherbee registered Democrat voting history sample.


The primary shows you which ballot he took based on which party he belonged and the general is just the general. Based on the primaries, we know whom he was choosing, and it wasn’t Republicans.

Neil probably helped that hair-sniffing, sexual-assaulting, embarrassment – Open Borders Taliban Joe Biden get elected.

But now, all of a sudden, just months after a Democrat wave, except for the NH House, Senate, Executive Council, and Governor’s office, this Democrat is running as a Republican. TO do what?

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He’s running in a special election to flip a seat held by a Republican in a Republican town, and the party can’t do a damn thing about it.

For Dems, it just makes sense to take a guy who has a lot of local name recognition from years of non-partisan elections at the municipal level and have him pretend he’s not a Democrat.

Many Republicans won’t turn out to the primary and, to be honest, won’t show up for the special general election, so the left is playing the odds.

With two Democrats left, one in each party, they can’t lose, so the resolution is to make sure Wetherbee doesn’t win the Republican Primary.

The only way that happens is if Republicans turn out in large numbers to vote for one of the other two candidates of which one, and this is just a suggestion, needs to drop out.

But that’s up to the people in Derry. I’m just laying out the evidence. What you do with it is beyond my control.