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Fake Derry “republican” Neil Wetherbee Endorsed Pete Buttigieg for President for 2020

Town of Derry NH Seal

As reported previously, Neil Wetherbee of Derry is a fake Republican. He is a Democrat who has registered as a Republican to run in a Republican Primary. And he’s not a moderate aisle crosser either. This guy supported Bernie in 2016 and Pete Buttigieg in 2020.


Neil Wetherbee Endorses Pete Buttigieg
Democrat Neil Wetherbee Endorses Pete Buttigieg


More impact! says John DiStaso. An actual journalist. What sort of impact was Neil hoping to make?

Let’s review Mayor Pete’s platform and see what made him so damn dreamy to Neil Wetherbee.

  • Government-run healthcare
  • Open borders (DACA)
  • Climate Change (green new deal style)
  • Supports court-packing
  • All abortion (he opposed pro-life pregnancy care centers as Mayor Pete)
  • Eliminate the electoral college
  • He’s not pro-gun, and that’s an understatement.
  • Massive infrastructure spending (more debt, bailouts to donors, payback to unions, and cronies with your money).

That’s the shortlist and not exactly a bucket list even for your typical moderate/RINO.  Like, say, Bill Weld.

Bill Weld was running for President in 2020 as a Republican, but Neil didn’t endorse him. Weld is about as not Republican as you can be. If Neil was truly a closet aisle crossing, Never-Trumper Weld is far more indicative of that perception.

Neil picked Pete Buttigieg. Why not Bill? Because Neil is a Democrat, and this Bernie Supporter was pandering to a younger version of Sanders.

Just another anti-Republican, on the far left.

Not moderate. Not independent. Not Undeclared. Not even Bill Weld. We’re talking left of Nancy Pelosi.

And we are meant to believe that after a Democrat wave election, this Bernie and Buttigieg supporter suddenly wants to be a Republican? A pro-abortion, climate fearmongering, no Federalism, anti-gun, open-birders Republican?

No. Wetherbee has name recognition in town after years of being on councils and committees. Democrats (with some whiney RINO cover)  think they can steal the seat by running him as a Republican.

If he wins the “Republican Primary,” Derry voters get to choose between a Democrat registered as a Republican and a Democrat registered as a Democrat.

Neither will represent Derry which is an R+4 Republican town.

Please do not Vote for Neil Wetherbee in the primary, and do not let your Republican friends and neighbors vote for him either. But please vote. The Dems are working hard to steal the seat even if they have to use a pretend Republican to do it.