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Bernie Supporter Neil Wetherbee Running as a Republican in a NH House Special Election

The Democrats and RINOs in Derry are running a Bernie Sanders Supporter in the upcoming New Hampshire House Special Election. Neil Wetherbee has changed his party affiliation and is running as a Republican.

Local Democrats were encouraged to register as independents so that they could vote for him in the Republican primary to tip the election.

It has several Republicans running, so it is likely that the Democrat, Wetherbee, could win the Republican primary with the vote split. That would leave Derry with two general, Special-Election Candidates, who would rather see a Democrat governor (or President) or in any other office than a Republican.

That’s their idea of choice. In an R+4 town, you steal the primary, and then you can’t lose. Steal it and rob actual Derry Republicans of a voice.

Wait, Steve, how do you know Neil is a Democrat?

I’m sure you saw the featured image, so here’s the rest of the screengrab.

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Neil Wetherbee is a Bernie Bro



But, you say, that was 2016. Neil could have had a come to Trump or Republican moment. Yeah, sure. Okay, let’s check with his wife, Wendy Wetherbee.


Wendy Wetherbee doesn't want to vote for him if hes a republican


He’s not a Republican. He is just registered as one. That also suggests that Wendy is or has changed her party to Independent, or she could not possibly vote for him as a registered Democrat.

I did not dig into their registration history, but I feel confident at what I’ll find (and know someone else will and will send it to me – please?)

There’s a lot more of this. We have received extensive screen grabs of social media interactions that lead us to conclude these two things. Neil is a Democrat plant and has not converted to the Republican Party. And Mark Connors and Jim Morgan are coordinating a massive head-fake by convincing voters to register as independents who can then vote for the Democrat Wetherbee in the Republican Primary.

There is also an active smear campaign against actual Republicans to move votes to Wetherbee. Please don’t fall for it. And if you need more encouragement, Neil – like many nasty, awful leftists, could not retrain themselves when Rush Limbaugh passed away.


Neil Wetherbee Glad Rush Limbaugh is dead

His wife (who can’t bring herself to vote for her Democrat husband registered as a Republican) was quite pleased.

Derry, you need to kick this fraud out of the Republican primary and back to his own party.