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A King’s Heavy Hand


“Take the shot or STARVE TO DEATH!” It comes to us from the moral high ground of the Left, or what passes “the obey or else” Marxist philosophy popular in DC these days.

Now, I have no argument with the government encouraging us to take a vaccine but without the gun to the head approach, please. My wife and I have been getting flu shots every year for years, but some good friends never do, and as far back as I can remember, they never came down sick with whatever flu it was on those years. This year is no different, though the gift from China is a bit more purulent with a 99% survival rate, especially among the young.

That brings me to masks in school. Raise your hands if you believe kids will keep masks properly in place, not scratch their noses, rub their eyes or otherwise break containment? This is called unreasonably optimistic or not a chance in he** if your hand is up. You can’t even say that for most adults, including mask supporters.

As for the vaccine being mandated based on the mandated smallpox and polio years ago? The comparison is not legitimate. Smallpox = variola major’s fatality rate was around 30%. Polio death rates were 2% to 5% in children, 15% to 30%  in adolescents, and increased to 25% to 75% with bulbar involvement. These rates are massive increases above COVID’s 1% rate or less and hardly justify the heavy-handed government pressure politics.

Once again, the Left puts optics front and center, trying to appear that they “are doing something.” Sure they are: they are trying to distract everyone’s attention away from all the numerous, colossal failures this administration has overseen in less than eight months. No need to enumerate them as most everyone knows what they are. Some just fail to realize, like with open borders, that many are violating federal Constitutional laws.

No, a president can not issue an Executive Order or a mandate and supersede a law passed by Congress;  it just doesn’t work that way. At least not in the Constitutional Republic, but then the Left operates under Marxist principles, so anything goes. Many of the things that will go will be your Rights turning all of us into subjects and no longer Citizens.

You might as well have a King again, right?

All hail King <insert name here>, wise and infallible. Could eliminate all those mixed messages and questionable decisions. The King will always be right; just ask him.

Say, now, doesn’t that sound already like Biden?