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What Do Nuclear Power And Ivermectin Have In Common?

There is no question that leftism exists in direct conflict with common sense, morality, decency, and truth. The easiest way to observe this trend is to pick a topic – any topic – which leftists espouse and then ask yourself if an idea can be extended to its logical conclusion or has any limiting principles.

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Rome, er, America

Added: “The worst thing about living in the declining era of a great civilization is knowing that you are.” – Robert Heinlein I’ve embedded this video before (1:44:41), and I cannot endorse it highly enough – Bill Whittle discusses the slow rise and strobe-light-flash fall of civilizations, the greatness of Western Civilization, plus many other …

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Odds N’ Ends: This Nation Will Not Survive Crazy, Politically Correct Ideas

Yes, it can get worse, and with Biden being danced like a puppet by the extreme left we can pretty much count on it. Everyone is blaming Biden, but come on. He’s only doing what he’s told to do, not that he wouldn’t even if he had the presence of mind (like before he became …

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If America Is the Worst Country in the World Why Are You Here?

Seriously, since we are repeatedly told that the US is the worst country in the world, that we are , directly or indirectly, the cause of most atrocities in other countries, that white people are irredeemably oppressors, that people of color will always be oppressed, why are you here?

Joe Biden – Boring but Dangerous

After months of promoting Joe Biden as an accomplished lawmaker, a gentleman politician, and a uniter, the best thing the media can say about him now is that he’s boring.  The New York Times published a recent article entitled “Voters Chose Boring Over Bombast…”

More Sleight-of-Hand by Democrats and the Media

Most conservatives are utterly bewildered by the national apathy toward the ongoing border crisis.  They wonder why more Americans aren’t outraged by the onslaught of unscreened aliens illegally flooding across our border, or by an American President who ignores our immigration laws, who is unilaterally dismantling our border controls. Only a very small number of …

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