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Is an Insurrection Act Operation Underway?

There is a lot of interest in the notion that President Trump is preparing to bring the hammer down on the legions of lawless ruling class yahoos before he leaves office. That the Insurrection Act was not just signed but that it has been put into motion.


“Republican-Caused,” Riots, Looting And Insurrection

Republicans are at fault for all of this unrest…So says the leftist mouthpieces. And most are buying that line hook, line and sinker. Yes, our rubber-spined Republicans sit mute…while Rome burns and they fiddle…doing nothing. Nothing. Tom Cotton has spoken out, but Senator Cotton is a lone voice. Again, we see how Leftists are eating …

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Anonymous responds to Obama’s 2013 Gun Control measures….

The pot is boiling.  The Executive Branch’s DHS is buying fully-automatic rifles and millions of rounds of .223 caliber ammunition. When is someone in the GOP going to file an impeachment case against this President?  Will it be left up to the people of the United States (likely just 3%, as in 1776) to correct this …

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