Even After Passing 'Racist' Law it's Still "Easier to Vote" in Georgia Than In Biden's Delaware - Granite Grok

Even After Passing ‘Racist’ Law it’s Still “Easier to Vote” in Georgia Than In Biden’s Delaware

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Remember when Georgia advanced legislation to clean up their voting laws and the Left (Dems, Media, Celebrities, Corporatists) lost their freaking minds? How often did you then hear that even after passage, it’s easier to vote in Georgia than in Joe Biden’s Deleware?

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Never! I’m going to go with never, until now, but what crazy right-wing rag is reporting that nonsense? The Atlantic.


Biden has assailed Georgia’s new voting law as an atrocity akin to “Jim Crow in the 21st century” for the impact it could have on Black citizens. But even once the GOP-passed measure takes effect, Georgia citizens will still have far more opportunities to vote before Election Day than their counterparts in the president’s home state, where one in three residents is Black or Latino.


And it’s not just Deleware.


Delaware isn’t an anomaly among Democratic strongholds, and its example presents the president’s party with an uncomfortable reminder: Although Democrats like to call out Republicans for trying to suppress voting, the states they control in the Northeast make casting a ballot more difficult than anywhere else.


You Don’t Say!


Connecticut has no early voting at all, and New York’s onerous rules force voters to change their registration months in advance if they want to participate in a party primary. In Rhode Island, Democrats enacted a decade ago the kind of photo-ID law that the party has labeled “racist” when drafted by Republicans.


Why would The Atlantic go to so much trouble to call out Democrat states for their racist voter laws?


The restrictions across the Northeast are relics of the urban Democratic machines, which preferred to mobilize their voters precinct by precinct on Election Day rather than give reformers a lengthier window to rally opposition. Democrats who have won election after election in states such as New York, Delaware, Connecticut, and Rhode Island have had little incentive to change the rules that helped them win.


The obvious answer is as cover for the monstrous Federal assault on state sovereignty—the Democrat’s effort to nationalize all elections. To get there from here, they have to act like these changes are good for voter integrity.


Democrats in charge of blue states are now racing to expand access in a way that matches the party’s rhetoric nationwide. In some cases, they’re trying to make permanent the temporary changes to voting laws that were put in place because of the pandemic.


Translation. Placed where they can’t lose must now adopt rules so that people in those states can help them “get out the vote” (if you catch my drift) in places where they can’t win or can’t secure the on-party-state using old-school urban democrat machine politics.

Whatever it takes, no matter who it harms. The BLM riots should have taught you that.