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Send a Message to Windham Leaders: The Election Audit Process MUST be Transparent!


Thanks to your efforts, Senate Bill 43 has been signed into law.  Your phone calls, emails, and social media posts helped to ensure that SB43 got fast-tracked to the Governor’s desk. BUT… THIS FIGHT IS NOT OVER!

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Now we need to follow through and make sure that the election audit is fully transparent, thorough, and completely objective.

Today, (Monday, April 19th) at 7:00 PM, at the Windham High School, the Windham Board of Selectmen will be holding their next meeting.  At it, they will be hearing comments from Windham residents regarding the selection of a forensic analyst to be designated by the town for the election audit. The Board of Selectmen plans to use that input to help them make a decision at the following Monday’s meeting (April 26th).

HOWEVER… they plan to make that April 26th decision in a secret, non-public session, claiming that it falls under the exceptions for non-public meetings outlined in New Hampshire statute (RSA 91-A). Several legal experts have weighed in against the Board of Selectmen’s plans, stating that their reasons for a non-public meeting simply do not hold up.


OPTION 1: ATTEND THE MEETING: If possible, attend the meeting on Monday evening (tomorrow, April 19th) at 7 PM.  It will take place at Windham High School (64 London Bridge Rd, Windham, NH. 03087).

OPTION 2: SEND AN EMAIL: Respectfully let the Board of Selectman know that a secret, non-public session is NOT an acceptable forum in which to decide who the forensic analyst will be. SB 43 calls for this process to be fully transparent. This matter should be reviewed in public.  Emphasize that the intent of the law is transparency, and politely but firmly let them know your concerns. You can email the Windham Board of Selectman at