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Turning 21: The Left’s “Kids Won’t Know Snow Narrative” Celebrates a Milestone

Stop Global Warming snow

We’re expecting a few inches of snow today, more on Wednesday, and then a potential storm with more significant snowfall on Friday. Let’s celebrate with an early anniversary. On March 20th of this year, the climate cult’s “kids won’t know snow narrative” turns 21 years of age.

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That’s old enough to drink, smoke, vape, buy a gun, go to prison for life, and have already served several years in the military.

And I still see snow.

For our locals, one of our most famous “unlicensed meteorologists” is US Senator Jeanne Shaheen. She wasn’t a senator when the narrative started, but she carried the water years later. And not just about snowfall. Everything from ski season to leaf-peeping, maple syrup production, and the state’s tiny seacoast was doomed if we didn’t act now.

Acting now is defined as giving people like Jeanne and her kleptocratic dependence on an unelected bureaucracy to use our money to control our lives.

To date, not one of her prognostications about climate doom has come to pass. Not even the little white lies. In most cases, we have seen the reverse. Snow is no different.

snowfalls are just a thing of the past

Shaheen said it seven years later and has been wrong every year since. In some cases, we’ve seen record snowfall. In other words, my daughter, who was born a few months after the narrative was planted, has seen a lot of snow.

This year, snowfall is below average in the Northeast (so far) but has been setting records worldwide. There continue to be tons of snow, and everyone knows it.

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But you don’t hear them talking about that too much these days.  A few years after it became apparent that the no snow lie was a lie, they changed it. Increased snowfall proved global warming theory – rebranded as climate change.

So, happy birthday to “kids won’t know snow.” You are now old enough to drink in New Hampshire, and you’re going to need one.

The Jeanne Shaheens are running the show. They are giddily shutting down affordable, reliable energy. Blocking pipelines, including in New Hampshire. Making energy cost more. All while we will continue to get cold and snow (because of global warming) or not no matter what you drive or how you heat your home. Why?

Because it was never about the climate or the planet, it was about finding ways to end capitalism, and it still is.