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Polar Vortex “Excuse” Makes Senator Jeanne Shaheen Look Like a Moron

Jeanne Shaheen’s New Global Warming Induced Voter Base

Warming creates warming. Warming creates cooling. NH Democrat Timmy Horrigan informed us (in comments)  that Global Warming Theory predicts more snow (which will come as a surprise to Senator Jeanne Shaheen). And now we’ve got this newly imagined polar vortex thing to explain the cold temperatures that none of those computer models from all those well-funded activists experts, ever predicted.

And another big unexpected side-effect of global warming? Plenty of living space for those polar bears. We’ve got more ice on the poles (both of them, in summer no less) than we can shake an endangered species at. (Any day now we’ll start hearing about how too much habitat will be devastating to the Polar bear Population.  Mark my words, it’s coming.)

And of course, it hasn’t warmed in 16 years, ancient times compared to Climate scientist Jeanne Shaheen’s catastrophic predictions for New Hampshire circa 2008.

The halcyon days of 2008, when John Lynch was signing RGGI to raise energy rates so they could use the taxes to expand the energy consuming bureaucracy in Concord.

Climate model Jeanne Shaheen strutted down the campaign runway in some of the finest talking points the DNC could dress her with.  Those would be the ones where she predicted that Global warming would devastate our tourism economy with less snow, lousy leaf peeping and dried up maple syrup production.

And she wasn’t alone. NH Democrats, based on the same “theory” continued making a State that is a net exporter of energy buy 25% of its power from more expensive, less efficient green providers, wherever they might be. All in the midst of the worst recession in history, on the heels of an “irresponsible” 9.6 trillion dollar deficit caused by unnecessary wars and tax cuts for big oil.

So where did we go from there? We now have 17 trillion in debt due in no small part to Democrats spending money on the new energy economy. That’s the “economy” where we skip tax cuts for cheap energy which is letting people keep more of the money they earned as an incentive and instead give bags full of other people’s tax dollars to people that didn’t earn them so they can then go bankrupt.  Democrats are so smart. (Burning the money would have created more energy than what they did with it.)

And now that it is cooler and not warmer as the theory had predicted, warming must be making it colder. But if warming makes it colder, and produces more snow, if we follow Scientist Jeanne Shaheen’s theory of global climate economics, that would be good for New Hampshire tourism.

So thanks to Big Oil, according to Shaheen, Democrats, and Cronies Esq.New Hampshire should expect plenty of snow, and changing seasons that will result in a colorful leaf peeping every autumn, and tree sap that runneth over.

When can we expect Jeanne Shaheen and all those Democrats to embrace the carbon energy economy and all the good paying jobs it creates with oil company money and not our tax dollars?

When can we look forward to reducing our reliance on foreign oil (and the amount of lithium for the batteries we’d no longer need so much that only comes from countries that hate us.)

When can we expect them to embrace the booming tax revenue a carbon energy economy would bring instead of spending, debt, and deficits from the new energy money pit?

When will we enjoy the lower costs for gas, heating oil, and electricity–a boon to small business owners and working class American families struggling with tight pocketbooks?

When will Democratic Chairman Ray Buckley realize that thanks to “Big Oil and the evil Koch brothers” New Hampshire tourism have been saved for years to come?

Does anyone want to tell him that he might not want to talk that up too much, eh?

Can Jeanne Shaheen embrace global warming as a boon to New Hampshire now that it relieves all the ills she insisted (circa 2008) that we must address when she was told by her handlers that it would not?

Not to fear.  Being completely wrong (again) was never so right.   Jeanne Shaheen is a Democrat, and everything she says has a shelf life that expires the moment it becomes history–because there is no history.   There is only now.  And right now, warming is cooling, and cooling is something, and it’s still the Republicans fault, and big oil, and the Tea Party, and the Koch brothers.  So pay no attention to the lying Democrats as there will never be a shortage of snake-oil.  This polar vortex thing they just invented is bad, and we need to double down on energy that doesn’t even come close to meeting the needs of the average New Hampshire citizen in a warm winter, let alone a global warming induced polar vortex, one.

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global warming.”