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Global Warming Continues to Produce Rising Tide of Tourism in NH

autumn tree leaves

Ever since New Hampshire Senator Jeanne Shaheen predicted that Global Warming (they still called it that back then) would be the demise of New Hampshire’s tourism industry it has done exactly the opposite. Year after year the people who pay attention to such things have predicted record numbers. From leaf-peeping to beach-hopping, to winter-sports, to climbing mountains to taking in the Anthropo-“scenic” vistas.

The tide of tourism continues to rise. And look! This year is no different.

The WMUR headline reads, “Big fall tourist season expected for New Hampshire.” The opening sentence is, “Tourism officials are predicting a record number of visitors will come to New Hampshire for the fall season.”

As predictably as the season’s turn, New Hampshire predicts record tourism.

In 2013 we had record winter tourism. In 2014 the passage of ObamaCare was the biggest negative influence (see also Democrats) on the Ski season.

In 2016, more predictions of record tourism for the Labor Day Weekend.

In 2017 there was a concern that we might have too much tourism, and again in the fall – more record tourism.

And all the while the same people who have been wrong about everything for the past ten years continue their lament. The end is near. The end is nearer. THE END IS UPON US.

Six feet of sea level rise in just a few decades! The Seacoast will disappear! Then they promise you that if you let them rob you blind the same people who were wrong about everything for the past ten years say they can prevent “it.”

The only thing they can truly promise is that they will take your money and when nothing happens they may take some credit, but it won’t have anything to do with them.

Keep your money. Lose the Left. You’ll thank me for it. And so will the tourists.