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Despite 2020 Drought Trends Show NH is Still Getting ‘Wetter’

NOAA NH preciptation graph ending dec 2020

One of the joys of “modern”  life is knowing that no matter what the weather does, it is bad, and you are to blame. If this were a relationship, your friends would say it is bad for you. Walk away. But that’s now how the left operates. They are stalkers, and there’s no way for you to get a restraining order.

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They don’t give up but then neither do we.

The summer of 2020 was dry. So were 2001, 2004, and 2016. We also had five of the wettest NH years on record over that stretch. We’ve seen so much precipitation that it lifted the state’s average rainfall. In the 20th century, we averaged 43.43 inches.

NH Precip 1901 to 2000

Since 2000 the state’s annual average precipitation is over 49 inches, with a slight downward trend over 20 years.

NH Precip 2000 to 2020

If you look back at a century on century, comparison (1900 to 1920) showed a steeper downward trend, and an annual mean nine inches lower than the 21st-century trend.

NH Precip 1900 to 1920

Our worst (or at least longest) drought looks to cover a span from 1963 to 1967 (1909-1906 was also very dry).

A few years later, in the mid-seventies, the media would predict that the then long-term cooling trend could be the end of the world.  Starvation, the collapse of civilization, sound familiar.

A few years after (when that didn’t happen), catastrophic warming would end us with starvation and the collapse of civilization, a story whose symptoms continue to change to this day.

What finally worked? The political response to COVID19. They had to do the deed themselves. Millions have been returned to starvation and poverty, and there is little sign they plan to stop.

But then the dystopian future was always going to be at the hands of politicians regardless of the vehicle. The solution, regardless of cause always the same. Give Democrats (or the ruling class) more of your money and power.

Keep people in fear and reap the rewards in the halls of power. Any narrative will do.

Contradicting any of the avenues to that destination have been met with insult and attack, and no cancel-culture and de-platforming. They will no longer tolerate expert opinion or any opinion they do not create or own.

Legacy Media in the Granite State have all but acquiesced to that which allows us to fill a huge void in the information universe.

Besides getting more internet traffic (thank you for that), our reward is to watch them do everything they can think of to silence us or other voices who dare to challenge the ongoing state-sponsored terrorism against our natural rights.

Rest assured, we expect them to come for us again (and again), but we’re not planning on going anywhere.

And yes, New Hampshire will have droughts, and it will have rain and snow and no snow, but there’s nothing new or odd about that. It has nothing to do with you trying to live a comfortable life. These narratives have one purpose. Leverage fear to accumulate property and power in the hands of the ruling class (regardless of party).

Property and power that belongs to you that we intend to defend on these pages as long as we draw breath.