The Global Warming "More Snow" or "Less Snow" Paradox - Granite Grok

The Global Warming “More Snow” or “Less Snow” Paradox

Wheel of Climate change

A few decades back we were told by ‘experts’ that not long from then (meaning before now) our children would not know snow. Yet another emotional plea to convince us to embrace massive tax hikes and the minimization of our lifestyles.


When the snow refused to cooperate the story changed. Global Warming, soon to be rebranded as climate change because it was not warming, actually predicted more snow. 

Along the way, the same great and not so great thinkers (who could never bet a dime of their own money on these theories but wanted more of yours) told us our influence was responsible for massive long-term droughts and torrential rains and flooding.

At some point, they grouped it all into a single grand theory.

  • No matter what happens it is your fault.
  • The only cure is an expensive centrally planned government, run by them.

The people who couldn’t even cover the Vegas odds on one of their predictions were the solution to the non-problem of climate change. All they needed was your money and your obedience. 

In response to all of this, we’ve spent no small amount of time (at GraniteGrok) making fun of them. We share their lousy predictions and dire warnings of disasters that never happened. And, of course, the words of leaders in the movement who have openly admitted this whole scheme is about ending free-market capitalism.

Some people are still not convinced so we continue our public service, to point out that – much like their dopey inclusion diversity contradictions they can’t have it both ways when it comes to snow and rain and drought and flooding.

The theory for more snow is based on the idea that warming weather increases the moisture in the atmosphere. More water in the air means more precipitation. What goes up must come down. But if there is more moisture in the atmosphere and more precipitation the parallel prediction of more drought because of warmer temperatures makes no sense.

At the same time, there is no reasoning for why, if we are warming the planet then why would the precipitation fall as snow and not rain? Why, if the theory says more snow, are they claiming we’ll have melting glaciers and less sea ice? If it is cold enough for more snow why isn’t it cold enough for these things?

The answer to these and every other question is that they will say anything to keep the scam afloat. Because this is and always has been about economics. None of their predictions come true and none of their theories make sense because the goal is to convert as much of the planet as possible, especially those bastards in the US, to a planned and controlled economy.

One where the odds are, more likely than not, that the precious earth they hugged to get there from here will be kicked to the curb the moment we can no longer stop them from running and ruining our lives. And if you think, for a moment, that the latest leap on lockdowns and the minimization of human economic activity are not a part of that plan, then you’re kidding yourselves.