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Mark Hayward Finally Publishes His Republican Hit-Piece

Mark Hayward

And after two condescending (and rather snotty) emails  (here and here) DEMANDING comments from legislators who went “naked faced” during outdoor Legislative meetings, Mark Hayward has published his rant.

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I say rant because in his own words, “only a few responded.”

If you go to the links above, you can get Hayward’s “tone” – demanding with an attitude that anyone answering his emails was guilty of sin from his own Social Theology handbook. His piece starts off (emphasis mine, reformatted):

When lawmakers met on the lacrosse field at the University of New Hampshire on Dec. 2, at least 60 state representatives ignored orders, ordinances and policies requiring them to wear facemasks, according to a Union Leader tally. The number represents 15% of the 400-member New Hampshire House of Representatives. Two weeks before their meeting and swearing-in ceremonies, Republican Gov. Chris Sununu issued an executive order requiring masks to be worn in all public places, both indoors and outdoors, when a 6-foot distance can’t be maintained.

And yet, further down in his own piece:

Newly elected Rep. Matthew Simon of Littleton said everyone at the UNH event was outside and at least six feet apart. He said people with medical conditions were placed even farther away.

What say you now, Hayward? I’ve seen that data element, six feet of separation, multiple times now. You’re a wordsmith – the operative word is “WHEN.” It was in force and being followed.

But you ALSO forgot to add that in Sununu’s E.O., there were a whole bunch of exemptions. In fact, WE’VE gathered and reported on them – how come YOU didn’t?

Lanyard - Medical Exemption
Lanyard – Medical Exemption NH EO 74

If you want, I’ll even send you that GraniteGrok Medical Exemption placard above. Read it – you might learn something, person-with-an-agenda, eh? And to that, this is all the line I needed or anyone else, needs to know:

All are Republicans.

While factually true, the wordsmith knows full well that positioning and placement says far more than those three words. It wasn’t meant to just be factual – it was meant to be accusatory. Just like the rest of the piece (which I’m not going to reproduce or fisk). He also, as pointed out above, left stuff out. You know that old “by omission” stuff, right? Yeah, me too.

It is clear to Conservatives that the MSM hates them and more often than not wants to present them in the worst light possible – there is little left of “objective” reporting and this is an example of it. I’m not claiming any of it is false but it is a great example of negative casting.

And if he disagrees, here’s his chance to defend himself which is more than what those other Legislators would get in the UL. Be careful, though – that I may well fisk. And fisk it, indeed.

And the reason is that none of these folks broke any laws and when the House is in session, they have their own rules. And even Baby Huey’s E.O. has loopholes large enough to drive a semi through. These folks merely strode through the portal that WAS PART OF THE E.O.  Any yammering to the opposite is just that – gums flapping.

He may not like what happened but they were totally legal – see our compilation above on one hand and the Social Distancing was followed.

And, oh, btw Hayward, did you not see the Democrats that ALSO may have violated that Social Distancing rule? Certainly they did when on the UNH ice rink – or did you turn your face away at THOSE images?

Insulting those that represent half of your possible customer base is one reason why your subscription rates and the UL’s precarious financial position.

If I send you a couple of emails about that, in the same vein you sent to those legislators that hung you out to dry, would YOU answer them?

Only if you were stupid.