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Mask Shaming by the Former Live Free or Die Union Leader and Mark Hayward’s Spanish Inquisition!

Spanish Inquisition

Unbelievable.  I would be telling Mark Hayward from the Union Leader to go stuff himself. I might even start using foul language (which those that know me well, know I don’t).

This is a name and shame expedition and I fully expect that this journalist will create another post, or at least a large portion of his reporting,  by trying to shame those that blow him off.

For what? Not aiding in his Chinese Flu jihad:

From: Mark Hayward <>
Sent: Monday, January 4, 2021 2:11 PM
Subject: Union Leader asks about facemasks

Dear State Rep.
You’ve been identified as one of 43 state representatives who did not wear a facemask during the Dec. 2 Organization Day for the NH House of Representatives.  I’m writing to ask a couple of questions about that. Please reply by email, or you can telephone me if that would be easier:

Given that he’s identified you as one of a very special group, he wants you to do his SJW perp walk next. “How Dare You!” (to quote Climate Muppet Greta) not answer my questions – YOU must answer to ME, the Magnificent Media!

* Please give a brief explanation for why you did not wear a facemask then.
* Have you changed your mind, or  do you still plan to not wear a mask at any official gatherings such as legislative and county business?
* Have you had  Covid-19 or received the vaccine?
* How long have you been a state rep?
* What do you do for a living when you’re not legislating?
* How old are you?
* Do you have any medical conditions that make you vulnerable to Covid-19? If so, what?
* What town(s) do you represent?
* What makes you stand out among the 400? (for example, a floor leader, a committee chairman, a member of a particular caucus, sponsor of a well known bill, etc.)
* In your response email, please include a small (25MB max) photographic image of yourself, preferably a head shot.

Please excuse the form-letter nature of this email. I have BCC’d 42 of the 43 state reps. (I can’t find an email for one.)

Thanks so much.


PS: Please provide responses by the end of the day on Wednesday, Jan. 6..

Mark Hayward | columnist, reporter
New Hampshire Union Leader | 100 William Loeb Drive, Manchester, NH 03109
(mobile) 603-785-9929|
“Open Up New Hampshire”

He forgot to add the “Thanks so much for hoisting yourself on my pike” bit.

In this case, most of the questions he’s asking are easily found IF he was willing to spend the time doing his homework – but he just didn’t want to.

Just going to the House website could have answeref a number of these questions. Does he realize how badly he comes off as a twerp?

And if you were to take him as being on the up and up, why would you give him info that others WOULD use against you later on?

Oh, this?

In your response email, please include a small (25MB max) photographic image of yourself, preferably a head shot.

And if you have decided to go along with this, at least use this (only 648K):

Kathy Sullivan