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President Asterisk

Monday Memes

NOTE: This is a big collection.  Next time, if I have this many, I’ll split it up but I’m pressed for time now.

Monday Memes

Remember Alinsky and his rules – particularly Rule 5: “Ridicule is Man’s Most Potent Weapon”. LAUGH at these people.  MOCK THEM MERCILESSLY.

Monday Memes

This may become a tradition – based on the comments.  Please let me know.

Horse Manure

The Proper Response to President Asterisk’s Inauguration…

“The propaganda machine is a little backward here. For four years, media, celebrities and big tech have all spent time dissing our own America, directly or indirectly, criticizing our ideals, our President, banning those with opposing views from social platforms. America was never that great, they’d say.”