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Nashua Curfew Is an Empty Useless Gesture That Will Stop Jobs and Commerce And Nothing Else

Democrats excel at meaningless gestures. Gun control increases crime. Welfare traps people in poverty. Mask mandates do nothing, nor does distancing, lockdowns, curfews, or dining restrictions. It’s all a waste of time and the lives of people who have nothing to fear from their latest boogie-man, COVID19.

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I can hear the leftist whining and curse spitting from here. “Well, we have a study that suggests they work.”

I remember a study that said Hydroxychlorquine could kill you. The operation that produced it up and vanished when doctors and scientists challenged just about everything about it, but the damage it did probably cost thousands of lives when HCQ was always affordable, safe, and effective.

Your narrative mill even tried to scare parents with your fake pediatric panic porn.

Yes, we know about your studies. At least the mask BS (as useless as it is) won’t keep people from a valuable treatment that could have saved their lives. Or cause them any immediate harm, though long term use can be detrimental, a topic you avoid like every other truth regarding covid19.

Meanwhile, the same review that burned that BS on HCQ also applies to the mask and lockdown science.  If you have evidence that says they don’t, your research is now suspect. And we have hundreds of examples.

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The records of every city, state, and nation that implemented mask mandates, distancing restrictions, or lockdowns. None of them stopped the spread. We’ll use the People’s Republic of California as an example becasue Democrats from sea to rising sea want to be just like the left Coasters. Stupid.


CA Daily New Cases - HT Tom Woods


The go-to response to this is, well, it could be worse. Worse than using political force to destroy people’s jobs, businesses, futures, mental health, and lives? Yes, becasue the Democrat asshats in Nashua, our most recent local example, are considering a curfew that we know will not have any effect (unless making themselves feel like they are doing something – even when useless – counts).

There is no evidence the slow the spread, but there is plenty of evidence they do more harm than good.

Especially here in New Hampshire, where after nine months, and right through the current spike in cases, people who actually test positive have an infinitesimally small chance of harm if they are under 70.


NH COVID 12-20 -20 Survival Rate


We also know that Asymptomatic spread is rare and nearly impossible. A massive Wuhan study confirms reporting from the WHO way back in June.

And, of course, the beauty of all of this is that places that refrained from these excursions into tyranny did the same or better. No difference. No point.


no difference with or without mandates


Stop harming people by pretending you are helping them; you are not. You are just tyrants.


Thanks to Tom Woods for the graphs from various states included above. Follow the link for more great stuff from Tom.