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COVID19: Are Teacher’s Unions Unintentionally Destroying their Education Monopoly?

School Choice

I know people in public education, and watchdogs outside of it. There is pressure for Public Schools to not go back to in-person learning. At least not right away. But that’s a problem for a lot of people, or maybe not. Catholic Schools are stepping up to offer an alternative.

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From Diane Lane at the Union Leader,

David A. Thibault, superintendent of schools for the Diocese of Manchester, made the announcement Thursday while revealing a new incentive program that reduces tuition costs for students transferring from non-Catholic schools before Aug. 31.

“Since March, many parents have struggled to balance their own telecommuting with assisting in the education of their children at home,” Thibault said. “Teachers have missed the one-on-one interaction with their students, and students have missed their teachers and friends.”

The Left’s plan is to keep the virus socialism dial turned up to 11, and it’s not just party leadership. The teacher’s unions are on board,

NEA-NH, the state’s largest teachers’ union, reported recently that in response to a survey, 75% of its members said they were not comfortable returning to the classroom without a vaccine or effective treatment, and 95% believed a hybrid model of remote and in-person instruction represents a change in working conditions and could violate their current contracts.

Did you get that? Most don’t want to go back to the classroom, and nearly all of them think the proposed alternative (a mix of online and in-person, which is what is being considered) violates their contract. That means no incremental return, and no, we don’t want in-person learning.

That’s the Democrat party’s far-left position, at least until November. If Trump wins, they will stick with it; if he loses, like with looting and riots and “approved narrative protests” the risk will evaporate overnight.

The problem? Several, but let’s try this little twist of the liberal screw.

Dateline: Democrat-controlled Teacher’s Unions are forcing working single moms to give up their careers and stay home. (You can probably add moms who are married or in relationships in there as well.) What sort of short and long term impact will that have on wage disparity, opportunities for career growth and advancement among women?

Answer: Not to worry, a group the left labels as patriarchal, and bigoted against women is leading the rescue.  The Catholic Church wants to save moms and their careers with a tuition discount and the in-classroom learning they need to get back to work. Talk about irony.

And look! The US Supreme Court just said state-sanctioned tax credit based tuition programs may not discriminate against religious schools (which NH did until this ruling).

More trouble? Michelle Levell, the director and co-founder of Granite State Home Educators, noted a few days ago that interest in Home Schooling programs has exploded.

While teacher’s unions play politics, other options are making themselves available and appealing. Choices that, on the whole, produce smarter kids, in less time, for a lot less money, without all the nutty left-wing identity-politics indoctrination.

But wait! There’s more!

“If schools aren’t going to reopen, we’re not suggesting pulling funding from education but instead allowing families … (to) take that [federal] money and figure out where their kids can get educated if their schools are going to refuse to open,” Betsy DeVos told Fox News in an interview.

The Trump administration plays a possible federal dollars voucher card, so (let’s just say) single moms can go back to work if the public school won’t open its doors.

You have to wonder if these Trump Deranged Democrats even know they are being played? Probably not. They have such a low opinion of Trump and Republicans (and Catholics) it’s not even possible for them to conceive it. Smartest people in the room, don’t you know. Just ask NH Dem. Jeanne Dietsch.

They are so smart (how smart are they?) that the Left’s virus socialism narrative is creating a  demand that alternatives to public education are ready to fill. And the longer they “hold out’, the bigger that market gets, and the more appealing it is to parents.

My advice to union teachers is don’t go back. Hold out as long as you can and make sure parents know that.