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Data Point – Well, When You Sell a Lousy Product That No One Trusts….

Newspaper jobs 1947 - 2020

I know some sensitive readers will say it is wrong to celebrate people losing their livelihoods, but I think, like a restaurant that makes its customers sick with bad food, the media deserves this.

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Yep. Just ask Fox News about their audience numbers since Nov 4.

And the Union Leader here in NH as this story shows (really, do you think the Loebs would EVER be defending as well as portraying JeanneShaheen as a “victim” this way).

To think that we at GraniteGrok, as a rag-tag bunch of volunteers, got over 4.7 million (gross) page views this year and are beating the “pros” in Alexa Rank in NH? And Liberty Block is rising as well?

And they (speaking of the NH Media entities) have done it to themselves. I talked about Americans no longer Trusting in traditional American institutions; the Media, for all the “blow-harding” they do about what great jobs they do “for us”, have broken that Trust.

That downward sloping line proves my point.

ure, there have been productivity gains in some parts of their industry with some kinds of jobs disappearing and new ones arising (e.g., typesetters and Web designers) but overall, it’s a swan dive into the dumpster.

Given how well they’ve become Democrat mouthpieces, ’tis a lovely sight to watch.

Go learn to code…

(H/T: Powerline)