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The Biden’s Were Getting Rich From Foreign Energy While Blocking Domestic Production

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Thanks to Joe Biden, ‘Point Man’ is now synonymous with self-enrichment, or enriching your family. And while the corruption should concern us as Tuesday’s Election looms, consider something more basic. Joe and his family invested in foreign energy and jobs while promising to kill ours.

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Mark Shepard writing at Renew America connects some dots.

There now is a mountain of evidence, authenticated by the FBI and many other government and private entities that millions upon millions of dollars were doled out to the Biden family from foreign entities, most of which interestingly have ties to foreign oil industries, for seemly nothing in value from the Bidens … except possible influence of U.S. policy through Joe Biden.

Could Joe Biden’s irrational energy plan to shut down the U.S. oil industry and put us back into dependence on foreign oil be at least part of the answer?

It wasn’t just corruption in the sense that Biden Inc. was exchanging access to the White House for lucrative payouts. There were payouts from foreign energy concerns.

During the Obama Biden dynasty, Pointman-Joe was part of the plan to end coal mining and all the jobs it created. Not just coal jobs but jobs that only exist because of the affordable energy it creates.

Obama-Biden blocked natural gas development and pipelines. They opposed new oil drilling, refining capacity, fracking and tried to end existing capacity in favor of continued foreign dependence.

At the same time, Joe and his family were swinging deals with foreign energy companies, while the Obama-Biden administration was deliberately creating more instability in the Middle East. Making that foreign energy investment worth (potentially) a lot more.

Even if America did somehow get greener (under a President Hillary) the Bidens could still make billions on foreign demand because foreign companies would be talking all our jobs and manufacturing capacity – powered by coal, oil, and gas.

Teleport back to today. We have the reams of evidence of corruption and pay-to-play by the Bidens. We also have a Democrat Presidential campaign aligned with Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, the New Green Deal, and the kneecapping of American energy.

If left undiscovered, the Bidens would have been comfortably ensconced with major foreign powers who would profit from the void created by a dependent America. An America that is currently enjoying energy independence for the first time in many of our lifetimes.

The Bidens and the Democrats have promised to end that.

The Democrats are trading good-paying jobs in the US, millions of other jobs that exist because energy prices are low, for a return to dependence and higher energy prices that would, at the same time, make them richer.

Donald Trump didn’t just celebrate American Independence; he brought us energy independence that created millions of jobs and an economic boom while denying global enemies that revenue. Democrats insisted it could never be done, but Trump did it in just a few short years.

Joe Biden or Kamala Harris will return us to the Obama era energy policy on steroids. And Biden and his family were positioned to make a lot of money from that until Donald Trump was elected.

President Hillary would have hidden the corruption and allowed it to continue. A President Biden or Harris will end the investigations and put us back on the road to dependence.

Only President Trump will work to ensure that America will remain energy independent. That our enemies will not get fat and rich on the backs of American workers. That our economy will once again soar with millions of new jobs, the continued return of manufacturing, and improved trade deals – because we have the leverage.

Democrats will give all that leverage up, and by the look of things, will try to get rich off it in the process.