Trump Puts 30% U.S. Tariff on Imported Solar Panels – China Moves Manufacturing to the US

solar-panel-array-1591350_960_720Democrats better hang on to their s**tholes because Trump just hit another one out of the park.

Just one week after the Trump administration announced a massive 30% tariff on imported solar panels, one of China’s largest solar panel manufacturers announced plans to open a manufacturing plant in the United States.

The company, JinkoSolar, said on Monday that they have received the green light from their board of directors to “finalize planning for the construction of an advanced solar manufacturing facility in the U.S.”

Other companies appear poised to follow JinkoSolar’s example, spending hundreds of millions to build manufacturing facilities that employ hundreds of Americans, to continue selling their products in the US.

So, what’s the Democrat spin on this bit of news? Anti-trade? Nope. Anti-Jobs? Nope. Anti-Manufacturing jobs? Nope.  What’s left, Racism?

I Know! Green energy jobs created without loans using taxpayer dollars to Democrat donors aren’t real manufacturing jobs! Yeah! Run with that!

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