Is Your School District Buying Anti-Racism Audits from Third Party Vendors? - Granite Grok

Is Your School District Buying Anti-Racism Audits from Third Party Vendors?

Schools as Institutional racism

The answer to the question posed in the title is probably yes, but this post is more a call to action. In 2015, we helped expose Cenergistic, a third party taking huge payouts from NH school districts to do fake energy audits. Racism Audits feel like a similar scam, though one with a very progressive purpose.

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A purpose with which you may not agree.

This story comes from the Montgomery County Schools in Maryland. They are spending nearly a half-million to pay for a racism audit.


The Montgomery County school board on Tuesday is expected to authorize Superintendent Jack Smith to spend up to $450,000 on an “anti-racist system audit,” intended to find areas in which the school district could improve inclusion and diversity.


If you missed the hopey-changy bus, inclusion and diversity have nothing to do with either. Just the opposite. It is a program of homogenizing thought regardless of your sex or ethnic background. That room full of people who look different but are all made (o required) to think the same thing.

More tax dollars burned on the altar of the Left’s false secular god. Your money.

We’re raising the alarm. You need you to do the local leg work and make them know you’re watching out for these sorts of expenses.

As many of you know we’ve already seen some similar nonsense in Manchester. Here’s more from the article on the proposed Racism audit.


“The anti-racist audit will provide an opportunity to both examine our systems, practices, and policies that do not create access, opportunities, and equitable outcomes for every student’s academic and social-emotional well-being,” documents say. “The audit will provide the opportunity to examine not only the student experience; it presents the occasion to analyze our policies and practices that impact staff, as well.”


We’ve covered social-emotional learning, which is big these days. Another #woke buzz-word/concept.

And it all leads down the same cistern into the swampy mush of progressive speech policing. Reprogramming kids to be emotional idiots incapable of thinking outside the tiny little box into which the left has tried to stuff them.

Consider how hard the post-modernists have worked on painting NH as some sort of White Mecca inhospitable to people of color, and taxpayer-funded racism audits seem like a natural next step. We even have anti-discrimination and Diversity committees to help coordinate that if needed.

And it is not their money. And if you dare to question them they can call you a racist.

You’re going to have to dig in anyway. And you may not find anything – this time. So, you look again—every budget. Find friends on the school budget committee or people with the skills to do forensic accounting. And if they find something, go on the offensive.

Are you trying to tell us we’re racist? How dare you (to borrow from Muppet Greta).

The elitists on most school boards will strongly believe that they are smarter than you, that you are beneath them, and that you probably are a racist. They think you need to answer to them, not the other way around. Finding allies will not be easy. So, make them say it. Get them to say you are racists or that teachers or administrators are racist. Or, even your kids, the students.

Why else would you need an audit?

If they do not fear some political price, they’ll keep on keeping on and spending your money. If not on racism audits, then something else. Consultants are leeches on your school budget. Find them and look for ways to scrape them off the hull like barnacles.

And always remember, they work for you.

One more point. The COVID19 squeeze means you need to look harder and work harder for budget cuts. They have to happen. Politicians and bureaucrats shut down the economy, they need to eat that but they won;t unless you feed it to them.