The Liberal Utopia is Incompatible With Intellectual Diversity - Granite Grok

The Liberal Utopia is Incompatible With Intellectual Diversity

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Boston University student Diana Soriano suggested to her peers that the classroom could benefit from more intellectual diversity. Most classrooms would. So, how was her suggestion received? She was compared to a well-known student who had been labeled a neo-nazi.

That was for daring to suggest a classroom could be an open forum for competing ideas.

You sense the irony. Smart people calling you a fascist for suggesting the inclusion of opposing ideas. Open debate. Diverse thought. 

In the inclusive excellence, equity and diversity culture? Those words are Newspeak for a room full of people who are labeled differently and may even look different but are required to think the same.

The liberal utopia.

Diana reports that another participant in the student leadership board meeting said, “conservatives shouldn’t major in political science at Boston University, as they’d have a hard time.” Everyone else laughed at that, including a Boston University professor and an administrator. That is the campus culture. A world apart into which Diana has offered us a window.

  • I was required to take an English class. The morning after President Trump won, [my instructor] dismissed class early because she could not stop crying. Later that day, she sent out an email giving us information about a designated “safe space” on campus to commiserate the election results.
  • In my statistics class, my professor made an entire exam question that necessitated a final conclusion that Fox News is not a reliable news source.
  • I’ve been forced to include my “pronouns” in my introductions at the beginning of the term.
  •  After revealing I’m Catholic, I’ve been asked if my priests ever “microaggressed” me.
  • I’ve been told by a climate-alarmist professor that I would face consequences if I ever brought single-use plastic into his classroom.

These tactics are not limited to college campuses. Remember, college campuses are where K-12 teachers get their education degrees. Students in public schools are subject to much of the same treatment, perhaps in more subtle ways. The intolerance to school choice is a deliberate rejection of intellectual diversity.

Democrats are not interested in what is best for parents or students. The learning experience is not about education; it is about indoctrination.

They don’t want your kids thinking outside their tiny, little, blue box.

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