Democrats, Antifa, BLM and Civil War – Keep Pushing, Dears, You May Get What You Wish — - Granite Grok

Democrats, Antifa, BLM and Civil War – Keep Pushing, Dears, You May Get What You Wish —

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Democrats, Antifa, and BLM like to talk about a civil war. Well, keep pushing, and you may get what you wish for but you won’t like it.

I have two pots for you on this today.

Kurt Schlichter (retired Army Infantry Colonel) at Townhall has war-gamed out the Second American Civil War several times over the last coupla/few years given how hard that the Left is all about forcing cultural change upon Americans (whether we want it or not).

They’ve stepped it up in low-level insurgency para-military actions in the larger urban areas with the full blessings of the Democrat elected representatives in charge there.

Watching intently, especially this summer, it is clear they have practiced putting tactics into place. Making sure that “purpose-driven” specialty squads are integrated into their actions.

While most of it is “riot style”, it is clear that it is organized from above (anywhere you can find Lisa Fithian, there’s organizing for trouble) and that it wouldn’t take much to get to the next level. Most Americans don’t understand how a fairly few people it takes to literally lock down a large city; it’s clear that Antifa/BLM understand this.

Now, if they upgrade to actual military weapons and vary their tactics to do so (and don’t be too sure of yourself that “it can’t happen here” because it can), then what?

Well, perhaps this comes into play. From RedState (reformatted, emphasis mine):

…The Left claim that “white supremacist and white nationalist militias” will get things started, and the legacy media have produced dozens of articles “investigating” militias and propagating that false narrative. One of the latest investigative reports on Oath Keepers and militias along those lines was published in the November issue of The Atlantic. It conveys the leftwing view of militias: crazy, fringe, gun-toting elements itching to start a civil war, and whom polite society should shun (and then disarm at the very least).

Funny how no “right-wing militia” has been responsible for the unchecked violence in Democrat-run cities and states over the past nine months. How many militia types have looted and set fires to businesses, obstructed public safety, illegally trespassed on private property, trashed public streets, and attacked video journalists and others? That would be the province of the left-wingers associated with Antifa and Black Lives Matter, not the militia movement.

Once again, we see the Left’s projection that tries to blame the Right for what the Left is already doing. “Mostly peaceful protests” by the Left has caused well over $2 Billion in property losses, killed a number of people, wounded lots, and have destroyed lives by destroying their life savings in businesses.

Minneapolis, Kenosha, San Diego, NYC, Chicago, and certainly Seattle and Portland. All seemingly without reprisal – you can thank, in part, District Attorneys that were ushered into the elected seats aided by Progressive money and now are ignoring laws on the books and enforcing “Social Justice”.

And now to the important point of this post. Yes, it is long but worth your time. I’ve had a lot of Conservative/Libertarian folks getting a bit queasy over the results of the election as the Democrat/Progressive/Socialist horde are starting to make it sound like they will be out to get their pounds of flesh from ANYONE that has supported President Trump – Tribunals, lockdowns of Conservative Speech, hounding them in the public square, commencing lawfare actions against them, the “unconventional warfare” by Big Tech in shutting those that are “not them” down and de-platforming them.

Sidenote: I ask you to remember what Bernie Bro and NH State Rep Jan Schmidt did to Grokster and progenitor of The Patriot Initiative, Josh Moore’s site, and got his hosting company to shut it down. Then she came after us and tried to do the same thing. Then she was a sponsor of HB1159, the “Shut GraniteGrok down” bill.

This movement is real – the latest is The Conservative Treehouse – a Conservative blog site that has over a million unique visitors a day – WordPress Hosting has given them until Dec 2 to find a new hosting site after 10 years – and won’t tell them what “community standards” they have violated. Google, Facebook, Eventbrite, and Twitter all ganged up on a conservative protest event to not show it in search results, closed their FB page, their Twitter account, and Eventbright canceled their event page AND SENT OUT NOTICES TO ATTENDEES THAT THE WHOLE THING WAS canceled.

Don’t tell me there isn’t retribution going on. But the Left may get a surprise they aren’t expecting. They all believe that if their Leftist Government goes all in to make Conservatives take a knee by any means possible (and I have a few posts to put up about that as well), the Right will just give in and comply. Well, Americans as a whole are very patient people and not given to anger easily. But once done and that “tip” goes past that “point”…

I maintain that the militia movement is completely different than the caricature that the legacy media have made it out to be. Except for truly fringe elements in tiny numbers that are massively exaggerated by the Democrat-media complex, they are NOT “white supremacists and Nazis” but rather are well-disciplined and well-trained patriots who love and respect the Constitution and our Republic, and who are not about to let the Left destroy everything dear to them. Many are veterans and current or former law enforcement officers, too. Others are simply concerned citizens, avid hunters, and normal Americans who are aghast at the lawlessness displayed in America’s cities this past year by Antifa and BLM hoodlums.

To elaborate further on the militia movement, as well as to provide a cautionary note to those on the Left planning violent insurrection in the US, I asked a pal to weigh in on his thoughts and direct experiences with American militias. He is former Army special forces and a former CIA operative/contractor who has fought on the ground in insurgencies all over the world throughout his career. He is in and around the militia movement and knows a LOT of people therein, as well as their motivations, training, experience, etc. Here is what the man known to a select few as “Spear One” had to say:

The American civil militia movement is the largest and best trained para-military force in the history of the world. The elements of which militias are compromised are as follows (Note: None of the below includes the small numbers of White Supremacist or Racist Groups.):

Veterans. There are large numbers of veterans that have learned of war, and especially unconventional war, during our long years pretending to fight the insurgencies in Iraq and Afghanistan (referred to as “Afghaniraq”). Their skills learned in the formal training and in operations and their informal (unconventional) training at the hands of the enemy (that operate from the manuals and training supplied to Iran, pre-Islamic Republic, by both the U.S. Army Special Forces and the CIA). These vets have labored through the worse run combat operations America has ever fostered due to poor leadership micro-managed directly from Washington (US political leadership is more attuned to the bleating of the Washington Post then the needs of their troops or the requirements that must be met to win any kind of war). This poor leadership was adversely amplified by Rules of Engagement that negated any possibility to win, or even break even, in counter-insurgency warfare. These vets, between repeated rotations back to Afghaniraq spent their time taking care of each other (as the military did not understand their needs or would spend precious budget on soldier “life-cycle” systems support to little effect. These vets are literally chomping at the bit to tear into an obvious enemy of the US, namely, the socialists and anyone simple-minded enough to carry the socialist banner. Add in NO ROE and learned practices by terminal control of the target populations as taught by the Iranian-led Iraqi and Afghan insurgents. During their time between deployments, these troops were buying 4-Wheel-Drive vehicles, world class sniper rifles, world class combat pistols and world class (semi-automatic) military quality light rifles – and practicing maintenance, marksmanship, and putting aside fairly large amounts of ammunition (close at hand at this moment).

Large numbers of retired Special Operations Forces (or those with expired terms of service) that are prepared and trained to organize and lead Civil Militia forces. Add to the veterans core the large numbers of talented folks who are combat engineers who are not only trained and experienced at building and fixing, but are inventive and talented at breaking anything placed in their way. One does not need explosives to conduct demolitions – heavy construction equipment, fire and good ol’ 7.62 ammo are better than adequate to destroy anything that needs “interdiction” to support the goals of a counter-insurgency. These folks are organizing right now, and many are in lock-step with their local sheriff’s office and nearby active military units. Let us not forget those special operations personnel that matriculated into the Intelligence Community. All of their skills lying dormant while in the military were exercised while with the IC. These folks know how to deal with anything the government dishes out.

The National Guard. I am out of touch with that element but my experience in the past and limited contact now (Intel and Special Forces Guard and Reserve units) indicates that many, if not most, Guard units will “go over” to the militia once such militia stands up after the leftists start their insurrection. Reserve units would simply dissipate as their more effective members also head to the militia. Consider the possibility that these guys go over WITH their equipment. To explain: the feds show up with armored vehicles; the “new” Guard shows up with Bradley IFV’s and M1A1 Abrams tanks. And having drawn the accessory equipment and ammo time after time for training purposes, these guys know where to go to gear up. And even if without ammo, both vehicles trump police vehicles and provide good platforms to fight from utilizing small arms.

NOTE – the Intel and planning elements included above far outstrip that of the federal government in any given locale. and soon after standing up a non-electronic communications system would link all large formations in a way that totally negates the ability of modern monitoring, In fact, they will use government monitoring to run fakes and lure government elements into traps. Yes – these guys know that armed couriers rule, and that internet, cell and telephonic commo is for fools or baiting the enemy.

The active duty military. This subject is staged. First of all, realize that even if the military stays disengaged there will be yuuge AWOL numbers as the most dedicated patriots in the military head home to join their fathers, uncles, brothers and friends in the militia. Second – once (if) deployed against civilians, that AWOL rate doubles the first week – now taking their equipment with them.  Third – as seen in the past in Third World countries – there is the reality that at the unit level, the national headquarters (Pentagon) is not in charge. A rebellion at the O-4 and down levels would see serious large armed elements going over – with equipment – prepared to do what has to be done. The combat vets on active duty are known for fully understanding the “defend against all enemies, foreign and domestic” portion of their oath, and I have witnessed many of them stating that this is the “One Oath to Rule Them All”.  (This the view of this ground-pounding spec ops vet.)

Civilians. Although mostly not prior service, there are MILLIONS of civilians who feel strongly about the country and are prepared to stand up at the moment it makes sense to do so. Large numbers of these folks own a good hunting rifle that is the equivalent of any but the most specialized military sniper rifle.  Since 2008, these folks have also been purchasing military quality rifles and combat pistols. Civil training schools that specialize in close quarters combat training (often touted as “self-defense training”) have opened in all but the New England states.[If you know who or where to look, such exist in New England  -Skip].  Many of these training organizations are quite large and staffed by prior military and LEO types, and most are fully booked all year long (okay, they close down for Christmas). This able and available civil force can fairly easily be absorbed into the above active and veteran militia after the Left initiates their insurgent actions. Also understand that there are untold billions of rounds of ammunition on hand with reloading of battlefield components a real resource. Speaking of ammunition – battle field recovery is well understood, and one must know that the trunk of every official LEO vehicle is a treasure trove of support items to include firearms and ammunition. There is enough ammunition on hand already to eradicate all known leftist/socialist threats and their add-on elements (i.e., the media, Islamic elements, LEOs siding with the socialists, and any federal officers attempting to interfere with militia actions that are required to end all socialist threats and actions and restore confidence in the federal government to the people of the US).

Relatives and support systems. Finally, as with all successful resistance forces, there is a large support element backing the militias – pre-screened by blood and life-long friendships. These provide surveillance, safe havens, transport, logistics, and hospital services. (This is the real reason the Nazis or Soviets – heck, even the Romans, back in the day – would go after family members well into 2-3 degrees of separation from a person they had caught and imprisoned/executed for anti-government actions.)

And make no mistake, I have been told that this tactic will be used by both sides – it may well make our only Civil War thus far look like a kid’s birthday party. Think about that.

And it’s goal?

 “Spear One” then provided this summary of the nominal goals of the militia movement:

The civil militia goal is to clean house once the Left initiate their insurrection in the streets – to harshly dispense with the violent rioters and looters, to protect people and their property, and to send surviving local, state and federal government officials who failed to obey their oaths to enforce public safety home and demand elections for their immediate replacement. (Not change the structure of government – simply to clean it out and reset as near to founding documents as possible.) A side bar to the goal is that for the next 200 years, no one in Washington D.C. or the state capitols will be eager to risk another uprising, keeping in mind that humans will always require regrooving at intervals – just as Thomas Jefferson once said:

And what country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure.

“Spear One” finished up his commentary with this summary:

A US civil militia is real; it is just waiting for things perpetrated in the streets by the Left to get to a tipping point, or a call from a congressional coalition or the President to commence action. They are forming now and vetting personnel. A few have initiated a few simple international operations and are ironing out the bumps in organization (they tend to be decentralized). Each Spec Ops NCO can train up and lead dozens, and upon linking up with other dozens can form large paramilitary formations. There is no fear factor – a civil war now to save the country from socialist takeover (and the subsequent turnover to globalist powers) overrides all life issues and is abetted by that pesky oath taken by those vets and those militia members upon enlistment and reenlistment. An oath that is not forgotten and an oath that will always be in effect until each patriot’s dying day: “… defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic …”

On a personal note, when I go to Arlington National Cemetery, I stand humbled before the eternal formation being stood by those who went before me. There is nothing I would not do to stay faithful to those heroes of our Republic. The least of them seems better than me, and I would do anything to measure up, and perhaps earn their respect after the fact. The current burgeoning domestic socialist threat has to be countered and in such a way as to make the point clear – Against All Enemies – period.

“Spear One” provides us a REAL glimpse into the militia movement and its motivations, not the nonsense propagated by the agit-prop legacy media. These people are consummate patriots descended directly from the Founders, who are willing to lay everything on the line to defend, protect, and preserve our constitutional Republic. The patriotic militia movement will NOT let the Left’s brown shirts – Antifa and BLM – prevail. The brown shirts should think twice about inciting an insurrection because the result will not be what they think it will be.

Antifa / BLM have picked on the most vulnerable in our population and have gotten a bit ahead of themselves. They do believe they have the upper hand – and they do when they encounter isolated individuals, young families (as we saw at the MAGA Millions protest this week), and people simply out shopping or eating a meal outside. They know they have the numbers and they know they have a compliant Press backing them up (did the regular MSM ‘Nets show any of the attacks from DC?  No, they didn’t – that is yet another informational lockdown).

I have another post to go up that compares what is going on here in America to what the Freedom loving Hong Kongers went through in their protests against the Communist Chinese rolling them up in their annexation contra the Treaty what was signed with Great Britain. The Left should take heed – the rest of us need to know what is going on. Or may happen, or may not happen at all. Make no mistake – it would be defensive reaction and not an offensive proactive one. But Rights and Freedoms are not given by Government no matter what the Left would have everyone believe and at some point, their decisions will decide consequences.

Lord have mercy on all of us if the Left continues on its path.