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Notable Quote – Politics Does Sure Bring Everything Else Down

State vs You

As a card-carrying founder of the Just Leave Me Alone Coalition, I blame Progressives that believe they are Society’s equivalent of the elementary school “teacher’s pet” kid that feels self-righteous, bossing everyone else around.

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Markets are positive-sum, culture and the arts are generative, religion is formative, sports are entertaining. Politics are none of these things (except possibly entertaining, though that’s a pathology, not a goal). When we politicize all aspects of our society, we don’t elevate our politics; we drag everything else down to its level.

-Dan Rothschild

And when they fail to get others to listen and obey, use the force of Government to MAKE them.

Like Mindi Messmer, NH’s own Mask-Nag-in-Chief, who is running for Executive Council as said teacher’s pet believing she should have the power to take control of others’ lives.

The fact that she is helping bring the philosophy of the East German Stasi’s technique in turning its citizens into snitches hasn’t made much of an effect on her.

Thanks, Mindi, for turning NH into a “lower trust” society!  Instead of enhancing Freedom, you’re instituting distrust. Politics enervates everything it touches and as politics invade the various spheres of the Body Politic, it hollows out each of those spheres (and in many cases, turns them to stone).

Politics Everywhere, by definition, means and results in discord, distrust, anger, and argument.  But that’s where we are with these Society’s Busybodies.

Elections happen next week – Is this what you want for your children’s lives?

(H/T: Cafe Hayek)