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Vote by Mail isn’t Gonna Work if the Mail Carriers are Afraid to Pick up the Mail

The Democrats have been using the United States Post office as a 2020 Presidential campaign cudgel for the past few months now. The emails I get from them are all about SAVE THE USPS, SUPPORT THE USPS, ORANGEMAN BAD POLITICAL INTEFERENCE, TRUMP’S POSTMASTER TRYING TO KILL THE POST OFFICE…you get the picture.

Democrats Pilloried USPS

Democrats Pilloried USPS Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time, Democrats pilloried USPS. In fact, it was just months ago that the “sub-par postal service” was at the root of hardships suffered by New York City residents. That was then. Now, Democrats have done a complete 180.

Democrats Pilloried USPS

The U.S.P.S. Needs an Overhaul

The US Postal Service has become a political football. The media’s reporting on the subject cares only about Leftist talking points related to voting. The USPS has real problems. They were present before the Left thought up their latest political talking points.

Going to recess instead of problem solving

Going to Recess Instead of Problem Solving

In a true exhibition of leadership, the House of Representatives is going to recess instead of problem-solving. There is $1-$3.5 trillion coronavirus stimulus measure hanging fire. There are multiple versions of the bill. The negotiations have been ongoing. The latest stumbling block is USPS funding.

Obama Middle Finger

Barak Obama: “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f**k things up.”

One of the stories lighting up the internet this weekend is a report about how Barak Obama feels about Joe Biden. I didn’t think we needed a report. Biden is a dufus, and Obama managed to win despite him. Even Biden couldn’t knock the shine off Barack the magic negro. But Barack’s not running Joe …

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