Minneapolis Council "Defund Police" Promise Has Collapsed Under the Weight of Politics and Reality - Granite Grok

Minneapolis Council “Defund Police” Promise Has Collapsed Under the Weight of Politics and Reality

Message from Minneapolis

Minneapolis, where George Floyd couldn’t breathe because of a self-administered Fentanyl overdose, exploded when he died. Anger, violence, looting, and riots, destroyed minority neighborhoods. Democrats immediately blamed the police and pushed an otherwise unknown priority – no police,  branded as ‘Defund the Police.’

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If you needed more proof than this why Democrats can’t be trusted with the power, we would be hard-pressed to find it. (Well, there is California.)

A complete lack of support for law enforcement at a time when it could not be needed more. And the publicly expressed desire to kneecap them at the same time. The Minneapolis City Council jumped at the opportunity. We are so damn progressive were going to defund the police during riots and crime spree, of all things.

Democrats across the nation, including those in NH, couldn’t wait to raise their hands and say #We Too! Reform! Reform! Reform!

Local BLM chapters sprung up like weeds to make demands that foundationless politicians, chin in hand, could not wait to embrace. Yes, reforms, what a sound idea.

Do we need police reforms? Yes, but more along the vein of this than that proposed by #BLM or their progressive policy parrots like those in Minneapolis.

The council promised to defund them, proposed significant changes, then did nothing more than banning chokehold. Why the dramatic change?

Despite the endless media support and coverage, a very large majority of Americans, including those in Minneapolis, don’t like the idea. They oppose it. And in the weeks and months that followed, as riots wore thin what little goodwill there was, support for BLM and their agenda has declined.

Or, maybe, people discovered what the BLM agenda was?

As it relates to Minneapolis, several council members have backtracked. CLaimed their intentions were misunderstood. Translation: are in fear of their political future.

A lot of words to say a simple thing. Knee-jerk liberals overestimated the popularity of radical Marist ideas, even among the minority community. They didn’t even ask the black community what they wanted. They just took an anti-black agenda, from a group misnamed Black Lives Matter, and ran with it.

Now they don’t run on it.

What a pity.

Well, I guess they can always run on the systemic Demcoratness that got us all here in the first place.