The Evolution of Evolution as BLM Forces Museum to 'Rethink' Darwin - Granite Grok

The Evolution of Evolution as BLM Forces Museum to ‘Rethink’ Darwin

Evolution of the Mob 9-2020

Marxists seeking to elevate the number of unwed minority mothers on the government dole (BLM) have leveraged their momentary outsized influence with effect. They have convinced mostly liberal, white academics that their “museums were put in place to legitimise a racist ideology.”

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Collecting and honoring “junk” attributed to white people is racist, but perpetuating a generational subsistence dependency culture among people of color is not. Uh, okay!

The Natural History Museum will become the latest institution to review it’s collections after an audit warned its Charles Darwin exhibitions could be seen as “offensive.”

The executive board told staff in documents seen by The Sunday Telegraph that “in light of Black Lives Matter and the recent anti-racist demonstrations around the world,” the museum would undertake a review of existing room names and “whether any statues (or collections) or could potentially cause offence.”

ISIS did something similar (the Islamic State, not the Egyptian goddess). As they conquered territory, they went about removing or altering historical sites not to their liking.

It’s not new, all conquerors do it, but do the Brits or Americans get that, that is what this is.

BLM (Marxism) is attacking both modernity and its history by claiming it is a construct of whiteness.  The same one that created a groundwork for ending slavery by white people excluding white Democrats who fancy child sex slaves and Africans who continue to sell and keep slaves for fun and profit.

The culture they attack recognized individual rights and fashioned the Constitutional Republic to try and protect those. A system started in England and optimized after the Amerian Revolution. That thing to which we’d no longer belong in they are successful.

All this liberty and freedom business is the construct of systemic western colonialist culture. If we forget about how we got here we’ll end up back where we’ve been for most of human history. Trapped in a generational subsistence and dependency culture ruled by a wealthy few who have all the power and use it to silence dissent.

Does (BLM) realize that by exercising their right to free speech and assembly (protest) to get from here to there they are “legitimizing a racist ideology?”

Those in charge do, and that’s their goal. Freedom is the weakness through which they establish a tyranny. Erasing you along with your history, if necessary, is not out of the question. Nor does the demise of either concern them one bit.

As for their water-carriers, looters, loudmouths, and Molotov tossers, they are all in for a big surprise.