Biden/Harris administration announces Supreme Court short list - Granite Grok

Biden/Harris administration announces Supreme Court short list

US Supreme Court Building

With the passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the Biden/Harris administration has announced its list of prospective nominees to fill the now open seat on the country’s highest court.

In keeping with their earlier announced intent to nominate a woman of color, the list is topped by Loretta Lynch and Susan Rice.

And keeping in mind the probable upcoming retirement of Justice Stephen Breyer now that a Dem administration is in place and can make lifetime appointments to continue the hard left inclinations of the Ginsburg-Breyer coalition, the following names are also on the Harris/Biden administration’s short list [noting that a Justice need not be a lawyer, whether a member of a bar in good standing or disbarred]:

• Slick Willie Clinton
• Hillary Clinton
• Eric Holder
• James Comey
• Lisa Page
• Peter Strzok
• Michelle Obama
• Barack Hussein Obama (noted constitutional scholar)

Oh, wait! I just woke up and realized that I had just experienced one of the worst nightmares imaginable. Obviously, none of the above appointments could ever possibly happen, right?

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