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Democrat National Committee Panelist – Our Aim is the Destruction of Capitalism

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No longer does the question “What is the difference between a Democrat and a Socialist” have any relevance.  There are none. One only has to understand what the Black Lives Matters movement has openly said about Capitalism and that the three founders are “trained Marxist.”

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So why should we be surprised when the official DNC panelist openly states,

…What would happen if every time, instead of saying “socialism,” people replaced the term with its definition? If a guy on the corner yelled, “I believe all people should have their right to own a business taken away,” would we soon see a throng of Ameners?

Apropos, speaking to the Youth Council of the Democratic National Committee Monday, DNC panelist Ashley McCray laid out the party’s goals as she sees ’em.

…that Capitalism must be destroyed for a “Regenerative Economy.”

Sure thing, gal. And it will be a sure thing that part of the American Dream of owning one’s own business will not exist again.

Their cover will be to use the eco-Socialist wet dream of the Green New Deal as a deflection. A poor one, now that we know what’s in it.

Again the question: Who Chooses?  It’s obvious that if she succeeds, it won’t be us choosing for ourselves. Again that phrase from the 2012 DNC Convention: Government is the only thing that we all belong to.

Their aim, now that their mask of Socialism is down, is to own everything else, too. Including your freedom to choose.

(H/T: RedState)