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The Horrible Legacy of NH Democrats

If you spent only 5 minutes looking at the recent voting record of New Hampshire Democrats, you would be appalled. Presuming you are a sensible person with a healthy level of common sense. Today’s Democrat Party has become the party of big, intrusive government, open borders and fraudulent elections – not to mention their tacit …

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“If You’re Against Racism, Then You Should Be a Capitalist”

“Capitalism can’t stop people from being racist but it makes them pay a price for it.” And if you don’t believe that quote, listen to the entire video for the context behind it. Are you listening, Black Lives Matter allies and adherents? This is VERY MUCH worth your time!

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Notable Quote – John Tierney

Higgs sees government, as usual, vastly expanding during the crisis, and he’s sure that it will not shrink back to its former scale once the crisis is over. It never does, as he famously documented in his 1987 book, Crisis and Leviathan: Critical Episodes in the Growth of American Government, and in later works exploring this …

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Notable Quotes – George Will

Note a contradiction in progressivism that has become steadily more severe in the century since [Woodrow] Wilson wrote. Progressivism has no objection to steady enlargement of the “conceptions of state duty.” Quite the contrary, such enlargement is the progressive agenda – the expansion of the central government’s supervision of society’s complexities. But as solicitous government permeates society …

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