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“If You’re Against Racism, Then You Should Be a Capitalist”

“Capitalism can’t stop people from being racist but it makes them pay a price for it.” And if you don’t believe that quote, listen to the entire video for the context behind it. Are you listening, Black Lives Matter allies and adherents? This is VERY MUCH worth your time!

ratchet set

Notable Quote – John Tierney

Higgs sees government, as usual, vastly expanding during the crisis, and he’s sure that it will not shrink back to its former scale once the crisis is over. It never does, as he famously documented in his 1987 book, Crisis and Leviathan: Critical Episodes in the Growth of American Government, and in later works exploring this …

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Notable Quotes – George Will

Note a contradiction in progressivism that has become steadily more severe in the century since [Woodrow] Wilson wrote. Progressivism has no objection to steady enlargement of the “conceptions of state duty.” Quite the contrary, such enlargement is the progressive agenda – the expansion of the central government’s supervision of society’s complexities. But as solicitous government permeates society …

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Gas Pump gas can

No, I just expect that the tools I buy will actually work!

This is in response to DCE’s post over at Weekend Pundit: I can get behind this idea.  If Trump wants to lock in the votes from some of the cold weather states all he needs to do is do for gas cans what he’s doing for dishwashers.

Give, Don’t Govern

By John Stossel: Christmas Day 2019 – This week, children may learn about that greedy man, Ebenezer Scrooge. Scrooge is selfish until ghosts scare him into thinking about others’ well-being, not just his own.

Why I'm Not a Socialist

Why I’m Not A Socialist

Recently, Senator Jeanne Dietsch wrote an article about how she isn’t a libertarian (her voting record already let us know that). Her first thought is that libertarian is bad because it was responsible for slavery. I think we need to back up and explain to Senator Dietsch what a traditional libertarian might mean. Foremost, it …

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