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Data Point – Post Dem Convention Bounce? Nope – Polls Are Turning Toward Trump

Elections ahead FI

Perhaps a result of the BLM/Antifa riots springing up all over the country and the Democrats condoning it? Or perhaps it IS due to the taking over of Biden’s body by the Socialists?


New question:

Old: What’s the difference between a Democrat and a Socialist?
New: What’s the difference between Biden and Communist Bernie Sanders?

Answer: None, for both.

And Independents are moving away from the Democrats; note the BEFORE DNC convention and afterward:

Despite all the ballyhoo over Kamala (Comma-la??  Potahto, Potatoe?) heck, we’re all racists anyways for mispronouncing her name and what’s the Social Justice charge for not remembering how to pronounce it? Does it matter? She’s the first Indian (Asian, not “Native American”) Jamaican woman VP, and there was no post-convention bounce. In fact, they lost points.

Given the poor production values (rightfully scorned) over the last few days, would anyone be surprised?

I know – what else do you do to replace a “normal” convention with other than Zooming it?

But these things are planned WELL in advance – as soon as things were going south due to the WuFlu, the DNC should have been in double overdrive in re-planning.

I say this with the RNC version starting today – let’s see if there is much of a difference in execution.

Back to the poll info (emphasis mine):

“These voters as a group have characteristics that suggest they are open to Mr. Trump and his party,” the Journal reported Sunday. “Some 22% have a positive image of Mr. Trump, while only 11% have a positive image of Mr. Biden, the July poll found.

“They prefer a candidate who will confront the Washington establishment, a hallmark of Mr. Trump’s pitch to voters, over one who makes an appeal based on competence and compassion, key themes during the Democratic convention. In addition, these voters want Republicans to lead the next Congress rather than Democrats, 42% to 25%.”


More Hispanic voters said they would vote for Trump than voted for him in 2016, 31% to 28%.

And if the #WalkAway movement works, more Blacks will be leaving the Democrat plantation.  Add both percentages together and it is going to make it rather dicey for the “base” that the Dems count on in their Identity Group Politics Totem Pole. After all, in the Dem decades long controlled cities, who is keeping the Blacks safe from the Black Lives Matter / Antifa unholy alliance for chaos and crime.

On the most important issue always, the economy, Trump also had the edge there, with Trump holding a 10 point lead for handling of the economy over Biden, 48% to 38%. That’s the top issue for most people in voting.

Trump also had a big lead with white voters who are 70% of the electorate.

That latter part is no surprise to me. Given the CONSTANT angry rhetoric coming from the Dems for years about systemic racism, implicit bias, unconscious bias, White people ARE the problem, BLM now telling White people in the suburbs to give up their homes to Blacks, Democrat politicians and race-baiters telling Whites that they now owe TRILLIONS of dollars in Reparations for the Collective Sin that was done by others not even their relatives, and take away all your guns (or tax the heck out of you for each and every one of them) well:

Why would voters not suffering from someone else’s kvetching about the White Guilt and “fragility” stay with the Party that hates them?

Even with Republicans acting like JHO and Jim Steiner (like Jeff Flake just endorsed Doddering Joe) and hating on Trump, the above is good news for those that hate Socialism and Communism (see Old and New, above).

Stay tuned – ONE set of folks are going to have a meltdown come November 4th…

BUT! As Glenn Reynolds says “Don’t get cocky, kid”.

(H/T: RedState)