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Jim Steiner Ran for Congress as a Republican in 2008 and Now He Supports Jeanne Shaheen

Jim Steiner 2008 Campaign TShirt

NOBODY on the Right should be taking this guy seriously – he’s only fawning to his mirror if he thinks he’s going to make a difference. Jim Steiner – A public figure – it a nitwit that claims to be a Republican with all of the political stances thereof.

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But he’s throwing his kimono wide open to show the hollowness of that claim. He is a snot RINO without any Principles Republican for Jeanne Shaheen in her latest ad. I’m sure you’ve seen it:

She appears to be a kindly old, concerned grandmaw but don’t let the PR ads deceive you. She holds the same values of AOC except Shaheen is more of a Don Corleone scold instead of an in-your-face-braggart-Socialist-scold. And in her political path lays a swath of healthcare devastation as wide as an F5 tornado. And Dupe Steiner plays along like a lamb in a petting zoo.

He and JHo (Jennifer Horn) – what a matched set of political strumpets they’ve turned out be.

And yes, GraniteGrok (and our old radio show, Meet The New Press) has a history with Jim Steiner. After opening our doors back in 2006, we immediately got interested and involved in the Congressional races for that cycle and Steiner was one of them. We were impressed with his SpecOps (Green Beret) background knowing what it takes to earn that tab and serve (too bad that he’s gone political merc).

Anyways, we still have the questionnaire that we sent to ALL of the candidates and he did return his (and no, unlike the Gun Owners Association of NH’s Alan Rice, we didn’t threaten anyone for not filling it out). So here it is again to show what his leanings were back then.

BTW, if you don’t want to spend the time to read it, scroll down for the “hint” he gave out that should have been an immediate sign he’d be going off the political rails very soon.

1. If you could ask General Petraeus any question, but only one question, what would it be?

Jim Responds: General, what is the most important thing I and the Congress can do to help you and our soldiers perform their missions in Iraq and Afghanistan?

2. Do you favor Oil recovery in the newly found fields in Montana & the Dakotas?

Jim responds: Yes, as part of an overall plan at developing a national strategy for energy independence for this country, including the use of solar, bio fuels, wind and other technologies.

• Drilling in ANWR? Jim: Yes.
• Drilling in the deep off Florida and in the Gulf of Mexico? Jim: Yes.
• Creating a fast track process to license and build new nuclear plants? Jim: Yes, and to build new refineries as well.

3. In the area of healthcare, are you in favor of:

• Giving tax credits for policies to individuals / families as well as businesses? Jim: Yes, particularly in order to provide incentive to individuals who must insure outside the employer arena.

• Allow policies to be purchased across state lines? Jim: Yes, and to be made portable so they can travel with an employee from job to job.

• Allow individuals to buy lower cost policies by “unhooking” legal mandates? Jim: Absolutely, I am vehemently against unfunded mandates contained in any legislation.

4. British Prime Minister Brown said that the US must give up the idea of absolute sovereignty in order to better cooperate in the global community.  Agree or disagree, and why?

Jim responds: I disagree.  I cannot find where the Prime Minister stated this, or the context, but the United States remains a singular beacon in the global community not bent on empire building.  When parts of that community are in trouble, recently or historically, the US is called upon to step in.  And we are a fair-minded people who will continue to do that, even though the thanks we receive may be limited.

5. Guantanomo military prison:

• Keep it open or close it? Jim: Keep it open. We face a new form of warfare in the 21st century, lacking the traditional association of “state-sponsorship.” Guantanamo provides such a secure facility given the murky nature of identifying enemy combatants in this asymmetric warfare arena.

• If closed – where would you send those enemy combatants? Jim: Excellent question; that is why it should be kept open.

• Would you be willing to try those enemy combatants in our civilian courts (with its accompanying mandatory rights as due to citizens)? Jim: No, enemy combatants are not entitled to civilian court rights.  Their rights are limited and can be dealt with fairly by the military tribunal, which in and of itself should be far more limited as to issues and complaints than the circus unfolding at present.

6. Should President Bush attend the Summer Olympics’ opening ceremonies in communist China?

Jim responds: Yes, the more we do to lessen the political use of the Olympics, the better.  Let there be one forum where we look to minimize politics in favor of athletic competition.

7. Are you in favor of using eminent domain in taking private property from one owner to another in order to expand taxable property values?

Jim responds: No, and I was the lead attorney at the New Hampshire Supreme Court to fight a related battle on limiting takings of private properties by municipalities, and won.  My record on this is a proven one.  No other candidate has such a record.

8. Are you willing to sign an earmark moratorium?

Jim responds: Yes, I believe that any “emergency” legislation (as earmarks are often justified) can best be addressed through the traditional use of Roberts Rules of Order and parliamentary procedure by an open vote in Congress; the American people deserve nothing less!

9. You have a choice: raise corporate taxes or eliminate five Federal programs.  Which is your choice? If it is “eliminate five programs”, please list them. (Feel free to list more than five if you think more could go)

Jim responds: I do not believe in raising corporate taxes.  The engine that will drive our economy back to success is through small business.  Accordingly, the programs I would eliminate include, as a sample, the following:

1.  Dept. of Agriculture.  The newly passed Farm Subsidy Bill. I agree this law provides the wrong kind of funding at a time food costs are rising.

2.  Dept of Education.  The TRIO Talent Program (an Education Department program that overlaps another similar program).

3.  Dept. of Defense.  The Vulture Weapons System Program (a fixed wing supplemental high-altitude communications system already vulnerable to enemy aircraft and missiles before it can be built and deployed).

4.  Dept of Agriculture Single Family Housing Program.  There are many other commercial loan programs available and the internet has reduced the likelihood that being rural means a lack of access to meaninful home mortgage options.

5.  Dept. of Justice.  State Criminal Alien Assistance Program.  The program provided funding for overtime for correctional officers given a high population of illegal immigrants.  If we streamlined deportation for illegals such funding would be unnecessary.

10. Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security are “demographic time bombs” in waiting. What steps should be taken to avoid future failures of these entitlements?

Jim responds: These programs have to be addressed head on.  As to Social Security, privatizing them to allow individuals to contribute and have more control will transition traditional social security into new social security for the coming generation.

Medicare and Medicaid likewise are on a track to disaster.  More competition in the market place is necessary, directed at medicare programs, in order to reduce costs overall.  Medicaid requires more individual focus on what entitlements are necessary, as opposed to continuing to provide entitlements in a vacuum.

11. How would you propose Congress and the president balance the federal budget?

Jim resplies: It is time to make tough decisions and not spend money we don’t have.  In addition, absolutely “no” to earmarks, “no” to unfunded mandates, but the implementation of such cuts as are necessary in order to pass a budget limited to the projected funds available, period.

12. Would you vote for the “Fair Tax”?   The “Flat Tax”?

Jim responds: I do not oppose either.  Of course, if a flat tax were passed, it would be “in lieu of” an income tax, as this country does not need both.

Ah, time for that hint I promised that should have warned us and anyone else off his campaign:

Candidate Jim Steiner: A “Colin Powell Republican”~ Is it time for a new slogan, or will Jim follow his idol?

Jim Steiner is running as a Republican seeking the nomination to run against incumbent Democrat Paul Hodes for NH’s Second Congressional District seat. At his website, Mr. Steiner claims to be a “Colin Powell Republican“: (note: the below was from his website at the time which is now long gone)

Jim is a General “Colin Powell” Republican…conservative values with a social conscience. Jim served as co-chair of the effort ten years ago to draft General Colin Powell into the presidential race. Following the principles of General Powell, Jim believes there must be overwhelming reasons of national security, and an exit strategy in place, before American military forces are committed in conflict.

Given recent news, this characterization might be a rather unfortunate choice for a person running in a REPUBLICAN primary. From Yahoo! News:
WASHINGTON (AFP) – Former US secretary of state Colin Powell said Sunday he was weighing his options in the 2008 White House race, hinting he may cross party lines and vote against the Republican nominee.

Yeah, we all know how that song goes off key rather quickly. Sorry, you can be a Republican and not vote in a race, especially if the one in the race really is a RINO of very ill repute and provable track record. Voting for a Democrat is quite another thing altogether and while I did the former, I would never do the latter. I can understand not being a Republican’s Republican for the sake of the Republican Party” but when you start emulating JHo, you’ve got some fairly serious political mental issues.

And Steve caught that going off the rails just a few years afterwards – proving that this year’s stupidity started years ago:

Republican for Shaheen? Seriously?

Concord Attorney R. James Steiner, a self-proclaimed life-long Republican, has a letter in the Concord Monitor in which he declares his electoral love for Democrat Jeanne Shaheen. He considers her  bi-partisan, and does not think it a good idea to change leadership midstream.  He plans to vote for her in November.  He’s a Republican for Shaheen.,,,even Politifact NH confirmed that Jeanne Shaheen votes with President Obama 99% of the time

And when did she ever support a real Republican agenda item to prove HER bi-partisanship? Forgive me while I go shampoo my hair…

But Steiner wasn’t done with digging his anti-Republican-all-in-for-Democrats just yet:

Republicans for Clinton

Fresh from the Shaheen 2014 race for the US Senate here are 120 New Hampshire “Republicans for Shaheen.”  Voted by me as most likely to declare themselves New Hampshire ‘Republican’s’ for Hillary Clinton.


Jim Steiner, of Concord

And yes, we had him, as part of our series to find a candidate to support on MTNP:

Interview – NH 2nd Congressional District candidate Republican Jim Steiner stopped by the MTNP studios for a conversation with Doug & Skip. The discussion went from his military career as a Green Beret through his years as a small business owner and a stint on the state Board of Education. Hear Jim describe why he’s the 20-20-20 candidate. We also talked about the topic on most peoples’ minds these days: energy.

[The link is dead right now. With multiple updates to the site, that embedded MP3 from the show isn’t where we thought it was. We are looking for it (and a lot of other content).]

Lifelong Republican – what a crock of crap. Jim Steiner can’t even be intellectually or politically honest with us…or himself. NO one should pay him much mind. Nor, Jeanne Shaheen for that matter.

But she did find her Useful Idiot, didn’t she?

Note: the person holding the Jim Steiner for Congress 2008 shirt is Grokster Mike. Unbeknownst to me, he was doing his political house meetings even way back then.

When his name came up at our GrokGauntlet earlier this week, he hurried off to another room and came back with a rolled-up bunch of cloth – the T-shirt that had sat in a drawer all these years unused.

He said I could use it as a paint shirt. I shall – I’m actually repainting the house!