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#Woke Massachusetts is Named after an Indian Tribe – Shouldn’t They Change That?


Does the privileged progressive class in Massachusetts have a problem? Their identity politics is scrubbing the landscape. Casting aside Mia the Indian Maiden, Uncle Ben, the Redskins in Washington, and Aunt Jamima. The Bay State is named after an Indian tribe. How can they allow that to stand?

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The Massachusett tribe lived in the area of the Massachusetts Bay, specifically between Salem and Brockton.

Both the Massachusetts Bay colony and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts were named after the tribe.

The early colonists often referred to the Massachusett tribe as the Aberginians or Aberginny-men, for reasons unknown, although it’s possible it was adapted from the word “aborigines.”

The “history” notes how the tribe was nearly wiped out by war and smallpox but that many still live and work in the area. And now the liberal white man’s guilt has them purging the nation of their symbols and names.  Maskachusetts needs to change its name. So does Nashua, New Hampshire, and since we are being silly, hundreds of towns across the northeast and the nation.

Decolonize the Patriarchy! Go big or stay home. Or, is this a selective purge? PR specific acts of targeted fake-outrage. All that pandering is for identity politics chits to cash in when the revolution ends.

Look, we did what you asked. We bowed and scrapped and fired white people and made everyone wear masks and donated to Marxists. We’re like you!

No, your not. You are fools and tools.

Sadly, that reality will not strike you (rhetorically or possibly physically) until the PC police have the degree of control they desire. But then, that’s how all great nations fall to socialism. Why would ours be any different?