Too good to not use: "Black Lives Matter forces whites to march in back of line: ‘Systemic racism’ lives" - Granite Grok

Too good to not use: “Black Lives Matter forces whites to march in back of line: ‘Systemic racism’ lives”


Somebody had fun with that title but when I looked at the picture, the only thing that could come to mind is “what weak people they are”. A Free person doesn’t kneel to another. Apologize if you want but that picture is demeaning.

This is worse:


If this was to be a parade, shouldn’t #8 have been “kiddie wagons festooned with flags with little children throwing out penny candy”? Sheesh.

Back of the bus stuff – did none of them have the courage of Rosa Parks? That picture is the epitome of “White Guilt”. I would be surprised if the Black in front of that crowd weren’t thinking “Boy, this was easy – what can we get them to do to debase themselves next?”.

“White Guilt” – the act of creating a sin for people who didn’t do anything and then getting those self-same people to feel guilty for it”. As I say every time that Reparations comes up, I have nothing to be guilty of. My grandparents came from Ireland and Sweden at the turn of the LAST century. I had nothing to do with do with the Antebellum period in the South, my grandparents didn’t,

Sidenote 1: Yeah, either another crazed sense of I’m guilty for not doing anything or “Bad PR – make a play (badly) to virtue-signal. Lady Antebellum, a country group, just changed their name to Lady A. Can’t be associated with that “Gone with the Wind” time frame (and the movie has now been Canceled as well by streaming services that don’t want to be seen as “exalting” slavery), right?

Only to further to more stupidity by not doing their due diligence to know that there’s already a “Lady A” – a black blues singer that has gone by that name for decades.  Sheesh….

and I haven’t put anyone into any kind of slavery.

Sidenote 2: although the Eldest and Youngest said I was making them slaves for doing chores around the house that any pre- and teenager has done like mow the lawn (which is something I actually like doing), taking out the trash, and help clearing the driveway of snow. And clean your rooms. You know, typical parent stuff that almost all of us have been subjected to in which our parents used to try to instill some sense of “Responsibility”.

And with all this going on, very few in the media bring up the Civil War nor the $23 Trillion spent to “fight the war on Poverty” (the initial “income inequality” that is very much associated with these Black Lives Matter riots”. I keep hearing that “we have to have an honest conversation about Race” – I’ve been hearing that for decades and the only thing that happens is that the Left defines an “honest” conversation as “They speak, we listen, we obey”.

And if you really want to get abased, read #4 of this “Black to White Allies” directions sheet:


After all this, the only word that came to mind was this: Retribution. “Immediately and without question” and “at all times”.  White Guilt.

Yeah, that’s happening about as much as I’m going to “kneel down” to the tweet that Steve captured from the the NH ACLU:


Sure thing – like I’m going to listen to this guy Palana just because HE thinks that the “conversation” is over and I should throw my biology degree into the lake. The only “social construct” in THIS debate is that he thinks he can do the same thing. How far the ACLU has fallen from DEFENDING someone’s speech to DEMANDING and taking someone’s speech.

ACLU of New Hampshire – the latest Democrat Totalitarian on the block. Just another Jr. High School student hall monitor with an outsized ego with delusions of thinking he’s all that.

Up your’s. Same thing with the “White Guilt” crappola. You want me to take you seriously? Then kick Planned Parenthood out of the black neighborhoods and turn black “playas” (is that still a thing, too?) into black Fathers (one of the few things with which I agree with Obama on).

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