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If Minorities want to See Real Change (they can believe in) Defund Democrats


If you had doubts about what the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has become, this should clear that up. The ACLU is running ads on Facebook. ‘Defund the Police.’ If you click the link, you can sign a petition at action.aclu.org to (drumroll) defund the police.

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ACLU defund police


The policing institutions in our country are deeply entrenched in racism and brutality, and we cannot allow it to continue.

Locally, the ACLU of NH is not calling to defund the police yet.  I guess New Hampshire isn’t quite ready for that. Instead, they want you to,

Call your city/town mayor and councilors and ask:

  • That they immediately take action to ban the use of knee holds and chokeholds by police officers.
  • That they publicly oppose budget increases to police departments and instead reinvest resources into community services such as housing, substance abuse treatment, and public health.

The first bullet is a gimme. Something that just about anyone would think is a good idea. But that’s just foreplay. Left-wing agendas are built on violence, so there is no limit to what the left’s boots on the ground would do to advance their agenda. Take away the police, and you get more of that. If you have doubts, they just spent a week destroying minority businesses and neighborhoods and killing black and brown people in the name of racial justice.

Where’s the racial justice for them? They don’t get or deserve it because they are just eggs broken to make the Marxist omelet. Unsuspecting soldiers sacrificed for the cause.

And these communities should get used to it. Like most far-left movements, “success” will produce the exact opposite result of those the goal promises.  

Fewer police officers mean a lot of things, and none of them good, even for minority communities.

  • Emergency calls will rise, and fewer of them will be answered.
  • Crime will rise everywhere but at a statistically higher rate in minority communities, especially places where criminals know they have a force advantage.
  • Fewer answered calls, and more crimes mean fewer investigations and a smaller number of actual arrests for crimes (less justice).
  • Fewer arrests won’t just result in higher crime rates; we will see increases in violent crimes like assault, rape, and murder (many never solved).

In every example where the police have pulled back, been defunded, or gone on strike, crime rose with black and brown people will be hit hardest.

Does that mean we do not need police reform? No. Does it mean there are not opportunities for debate and discussion about tactics and methods? No. But before we do any of that, we need to do something that may lead to more “justice” for all, including black and brown people. We need a discussion about the civilian oversight responsible for local policing.

Cops get their marching orders from politicians, some of whom are chiefs and captains, answering to mayors and town and city councils. If you look at where all the “racial injustice” is, violence in black and brown communities by anyone, these places are one-party city-states run by the Democrat machine.

You don’t have a police problem; you have a leadership problem. 

The problem isn’t cops, its Democrats. If minorities want to see a real change (they can believe in) the first thing you need to do is defund Democrats. That means you must stop electing them to lead your police departments.

And while you’re at it, the ACLU isn’t proving to be your friend anymore either. That’s because they, like the Democrats, are just using you to secure more control and guess what that’s going to look like?

More of the same.