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“Flattening the Curve” on Liberty – Today It’s Statues, Tomorrow it’s People

George Washington Statue in portland

Anyone who thinks the Left’s latest tantrum has anything to do with discrimination or justice for minorities is in for a surprise. The Left never does anything for anyone but itself. And all you are doing is helping them.

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I hate to beat this dead horse again, but the ‘freedom’ they are offering is not liberty. It is not freedom of thought, or idea, or choice. It is a “freedom” from control over your own life, which is a roundabout way of saying, you become a political prisoner with fewer or no choices. And if you feel oppressed now, wait until the Left has some measure of unchallenged control over the government.

  • There are no genuinely left-wing (supremacy) governments that are not creeping or full-blown tyrannies.
  • You cannot take other people’s stuff and divide it up amongst others indefinitely. They will stop producing, and then no one has anything but the ruling class.
  • When people stop working, forced labor becomes a thing, so the ruling class can keep having stuff.
  • You cannot craft the promised regulatory state (funded by anyone but you) without the police state to enforce it.
  • Defunding the police produces precisely the opposite results of those promised; more theft, assault, and murder followed by police state-sanctioned (and legalized) theft, assault, and murder.

The current tantrum is not about discrimination or justice for anyone. The radical Left is not defacing monuments and pulling down statues because they represent systemic racism. We’re talking about the party of Systemic Racism. Systemic tyranny. And the color of your skin does not protect you once they have what they need from you, power.

You are not destroying statues in the name of justice; you are elevating a future of injustice. To recycle a phrase, you are flattening the curve on liberty.

In the United States, mob vandalism began in 2017 with a statue of an unnamed Confederate soldier, escalating to Confederate officers and Gen. Robert E. Lee, who died a nationally recognized champion of peaceful American reconciliation. When critics, including President Donald Trump, worried the iconoclasm would continue to Thomas Jefferson and George Washington, they were mocked by left-wing reporterscolumnists and hosts, from the once-respected New York Times to the poncy and excitable John Oliver.

And here we are, the pandering leftist talking heads, wrong again. And in ways they never imagined. Rioters are using this as an excuse to advance religious intolerance. A relief of heroic black Union soldiers was vandalized, the hero of the Union Army was torn from his slab, and a monument to three black victims of racial violence was defiled. A statue of Saint Junípero Serra was pulled down days later, with one supporter calling for his bones to be dug up and desecrated.”

The level of violence of which the left-wing mob is capable knows no limits. Scores of innocent people, mostly minorities, have been harmed or killed in the name of racial justice.

For the better part of a decade, we have shared stories about minorities, gays, and women, attacked or silenced in the name of justice defined by the Left.

Yesterday I wrote about a Jewish student who was called a nazi and threatened so often he had to leave campus. 

Democrats have taken to calling any message that opposes their political agenda hate speech or the voice of regardless of what race or sex or gender speaks it. That is evolving form words to action before your very eyes.

But these efforts are about diversity or equality or justice. It is an exercise in tyranny, and if you stand with the mob or stand silent against the mob, what will you do when they come for people? What happens when they come for you?