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Radicals Turn Portland Mayors Neighborhood into Autonomous Zone – He Calls the Cops

If we’ve said it once, we have probably said it a thousand times. When you give lefties an inch, they’ll think you are weak and will always take more. But if (or when) they come after you go right back at them with twice as much. That’s mostly for Republicans, but we can add the Democrat Mayor of Portland to the list.

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Ted Wheeler is your typical leftist pinko bastard. Another “give them room to destroy” Democrat. It’s fikkin’ Portland, right?  Wreck-it, harass Republican or conservative speakers, interrupt any sort of rally on the right, and Wheeler’s good with that. The City Council said they’d cut the Police budget by 16 million dollars.

Remember, once you give in to the left, they will always come looking for more. It’s never enough. Give nothing, take everything.

Antifa Portland, used to having their way with this city,  blocked off the neighborhood where the Mayor’s condo is, while he was in it, and established an autonomous zone. The video below is apparently in front of his building. Language warning – the mob is not a fan of Mayor Ted.

The Mayor called his police force because these were his neighbors. And even though he threatened to cut their budget by 16 million, they showed up.

It might have sent a message to the Mayor and his neighbors if that took another day or two. You know, staffing cuts. But the boys in blue, to their credit, did their jobs.

And the Mayor discovered another truth about his ideological allies. They are pigs. He was outside the next morning, helping to clean up his neighborhood with all the trash bottles, cans, garbage, and some of the debris from the damage they did. From Red State:

Suddenly he realized that these folks weren’t doing good things and damaging the neighborhood, his neighborhood. He’s been letting them run wild all over the city for the last three years. But suddenly maybe a little bit of the terror that anarchists have spread in Portland finally, literally, came home to him. Karma came back to bite him in the butt.

But will he learn? This is what they do everywhere he lets them do it, including the minority neighborhoods, because they are typical leftist pinko bastards who have been taught by leftist pinko bastards like Ted Wheeler that the State will let them and then clean up the mess.

What happens is the State leaves the mess until they can find someone else to pay to clean it up, and in some cities, the people are getting tired of the damage and the violence and then having to pay again to fix it all.

It’s like a recurring natural disaster; only it’s Democrat-made.

Those that can leave do and those that can’t are probably minorities trapped in these Democrat-urban plantations, which is why we keep telling them to stop electing Democrats.

Until they listen, there’s not much else we can do to help, and you’re not going to see anything change. They’ve had decades to make it happen, and based on the protests, it sounds like t just keeps getting worse.