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Trump Win – Court Rules Border Wall Construction May Continue

The Trump Administration searched the Pentagon’s Couch cushions and found a few billion just lying around. They collected it up and directed it at another national security issue, the southern border. Democrats snapped and sued. A district court issued a stay on construction, but that has now been lifted.

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Space Force Will Be Newest Branch of US Military

The US House voted 377-48 to approve a new National Defense Authorization Act. The ‘troops’ get a 3.1% raise. It allows some transfer of available defense funding for border security priorities. And it creates a new branch of the American Military. The US Space Force.

Mexican Cartel Kills the Opposition

Mexican Cartel Kills the Opposition

The Associated Press has reports coming out about slaughter near the Texas-Mexican border. It says Mexican security forces killed seven more members of a cartel assault force. Apparently the assault force rolled into a town near the Texas border.

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SCOTUS: Build The Wall?

The US Supreme Court has given Donald Trump and his Administration (at the very least) a temporary victory. Yesterday it issued a stay on a lower court ruling that blocked the use of unused military funds to Build the Wall.