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COVID-19 Coronavirus Scare – Proof That for Democrats Politics Always Comes Before People

Swine flu2

Unless you contracted it, were hospitalized, or knew someone who died, most American’s have forgotten about this feature of the first two years of the Obama Presidency.  They also don’t recall the slow response or how ill-prepared we were for 2009 A H1N1 – Swing Flu.

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In New Hampshire, if we can trust Wikipedia, there were 722 “confirmed cases” and ten deaths. Nationally, there were 56 million confirmed cases (that’s million with “M”), taking 12,000 lives.

The earliest reported cases in the US began appearing in late March 2009, in California,[118][119] then spread to infect people in Texas, New York, and assorted other states by mid-April. …

The disease then spread across the country’s population and by the end of May had infected citizens in all 50 states. The pattern continued through June of the same year. The total number of confirmed cases varied from 27,717[120] (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirmed and probable cases) and 25,453 (total of all state confirmed cases) as of June 26, 2009.

Now for a public service announcement. More people die annually in the US from the common flu than that or, most likely, novel Coronavirus or COVID-19. The left and the media are creating a false panic.

  • Calm. Down. 
  • Calm others.
  • Turn off the TV news ( I did that over a decade ago).
  • To borrow from Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Relax!
  • Wash your hands regularly in hot water – regular soap works fine.
  • Babies, the elderly, long time smokers, and anyone with respiratory concerns should take more precautions (just like any flu).

The Media is lying to you to make this into a campaign killer for Trump and Republicans and they do not care what it does to you, your lifestyle, or the economy. Democrats want mass infections, deaths, misery, and, most importantly, fear. All because they think it improves their chances of winning elections. And the Media is all in to help.

Crisis, chaos, and fear. 

You wouldn’t give a dime to a doctor who treated you this way, why the hell would you give political power to people who want to regulate your doctor, and every other aspect of your life, then make you pay for it.

Remember, they are okay if you are collateral damage if it advances their agenda.

Turn off these Media bastards and stop voting for Democrats. They care about power, not people, and this is yet another example of their priorities.

Image: Swing Flu 2009 A H1N1