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Reliability of Iowa Democrat Result

However the Iowa Caucus turns out there is a lack of trust in the outcome. Three days later the count the results are “97% tallied.”

This according the Iowa Democrat Party Website this morning.  It is showing current standings as Buttigieg at 26.23%, Sanders at 26.06%, Warren at 18.17%, Biden at 15.79%, Klobuchar at 12.16% with everyone else at less than 2% and the count grinding along.

The doubts creep in

Nina Turner, the co-chair of Bernie’s presidential campaign, questions the accuracy of the Iowa caucus results.  Turner told CNN anchor Erin Burnett, “The Iowa Democratic Party, this is—it is insanity… I really feel sad for the voters of Iowa… God only knows what they would be saying…” if Sanders had not gotten the party to commit to having a paper trail…. in light of the technical failures that have delayed the results.

Turner she expressed doubts about the people counting the votes. “We’re keeping an open mind about this because of the paper trail—now, the people handling the paper trail, in terms of the Iowa Democratic Party, that is something that we have to deal with…”

Burnett asked, “Are you thinking it’s just incompetence or are you implying something else when you talk about the people counting?”

The Bernie Bro’s

“It’s obvious that something is going on, Erin… There’s a lot of volunteers there in Iowa who volunteer their time to be part of this, as they do year after year after year, but there is certainly something that is going on… And whether or not people were trained properly or what, I don’t know exactly what it is. But this is really at the feet of the Iowa Democratic Party. I don’t want to hear them blaming the people who come to help those caucuses. This is really at their feet… Thank God we had a paper trail, and that was something that Senator Sanders on the Unity Commission, of which I was one of those members appointed by him, we were able to negotiate a paper trail…” Turner responded.

Turner took credit for the decision to have paper records of the caucus results, saying she and Sen. Sanders demanded it in the name of transparency during the Unity Reform Commission‘s negotiations.  The commission was a panel put together prior to the Iowa caucus to recommend ways to increase voter involvement and produce more transparency.

The Biden Camp

Wednesday, Joe Biden campaign spokeswoman Symone Sanders repeatedly refused to say the campaign would accept the results of the caucus.  And the votes of NO CONFIDENCE grow. The outcome of the election is being determined by the people who count the ballots not the people who cast the ballot. What else can we infer at this point three days later?

The Democrats are the group that votes for their party in preference to their country. They vote partisanship over principle. For them the ends justify the means. Those things are what drives them. They cheat each other and what do you think they do to you?

There is a reason the economy has turned up. A good part of it is getting rid of the tools of control the Democrats have harnessed America with. It is time to SET THE PEOPLE FREE. Let them keep more of their own hard earned money. Let them give their children choice and freedom. Let’s not leave our children and grand  children a legacy equal to the reliability of Iowa Democrat result.