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Stacey Abrams

Against the Odds, the case for Stacey Abrams VP potential

Presumptive Democrat nominee Joe Biden’s vice presidential pick is agonisingly tantalising; it’s one that has many political pundits debating the candidates to exhaustion and has media analysts taking the measure of through various opinion polls. Even, sportsbooks have joined the fray, putting in their two cents by rolling out a veritable buffet of political odds …

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Bernie Sweeps to Victory in Nevada While Biden Gets a Lifeline

2020 is shaping up to be a hard lesson for the political elites. If the Bernie Juggernaut keeps this momentum the candidates of choice will both be non-establishment outsiders. The Democrats, of course, will do all in their power to keep Bernie off their ticket. But what does that look like?

Democrat Results Are In

Democrat Results Are In

Will you look at that. We have Democrat results.  They finished the primary and actually got the votes counted. It was a truly confidence-inspiring moment to see New Hampshire get through the process without a dumpster fire. As if there was ever any doubt.

Bernie and the DNC Are One and the Same.

The Iowa Caucus Is Here

We are officially in the primary season. The Iowa caucuses tonight will provide the first tangible results of this already-chaotic process. From here on in it isn’t conjecture that matters it is voters and caucus-goers. We are entering the realm of numbers, percentages, and statistics.