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Iowa Caucuses Crash and Burn

Reliability of Iowa Democrat Result

The Iowa caucuses crash-and-burn in a dramatic example of Democrat Party leadership and capacity. The Iowa State Democratic Party was slow-releasing results Monday night but at least they were inaccurate.  No one seems to have a handle on what happened.

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There still doesn’t seem to a result anyone wants to put their name on.

The caucus surprise

The caucus apparently came as a complete surprise to the Democratic Party.  The result was normal for a Democrat roll out, SNAFU’s in the tabulations and a dubious outcome again this time around. The state party was supposed to have the new and improved system. The attempts to make more data from the caucus more available has crashed and burned.

The Iowa State Democratic Party issued a statement saying, “We have experienced a delay due to quality checks… ” Greg Cohen, a precinct chair in Lucas County, told the local NBC affiliate that the app didn’t work … the first time we had an app for it specifically.  Iowa Democrats made the trip to their state’s first-in-the-nation caucuses Monday.  Word has it they will have results before the New Hampshire primary next week. The oddsmakers are 8:5 against them being believed even if they do.

Voters traveled to 1,678 caucus sites across the state.  We don’t actually know what the results are but word is the participants enjoyed the free stuff they consumed. We assume they backed different candidates and a result was had in each location. News at 11… that’s February 11.

What question would they have answered if they had been able to add?

For the Dems at the caucuses the question was who has the best chance to oust Mr. Trump? Guess we’ll know someday if you want to believe the massaged results. Was it the “safe” choice in Mr. Biden? A irresponsible leftist give away artist? A youthful socialist such Buttigieg or Klobuchar or the old socialist warhorse Sanders? Will anyone care enough to call back on February 11?

According to an NBC News entrance poll, picking someone who can defeat Mr. Trump was more important than picking someone who shared their views on issues to the caucus-goers. The survey found that 63% said their primary concern is nominating a candidate who can beat Mr. Trump. It also said 35% said their first concern is getting behind a candidate who shares their views.

Since 1972 seven of the 10 top finishing Democratic candidates went on to become the party’s presidential nominee that year.  This year in order to improve that statistic the party will not release results until after the Convention in July. Democrats are still gaming out their prospects. But don’t worry; the DNC won’t let Bernie be the nominee come hell or high water.

Wrap up

The outcome of the Republican caucuses was expected. All the same, his team put on a show of force deploying 80-plus surrogates to the state. Mr. Trump fans say he isn’t scared of facing any of the potential challengers. They cite the things that Trump has done for the USA. Why shouldn’t we be voting for him? He’s done a lot for our economy, and national security. He puts America first which is more than any of the socialists can say. The Iowa caucuses crash and burn this year… results still TBD.